Kelli's Mundane Personal Stuff- An update.

This will not interest you satan, so dont read anyfarther…we promis not to talk about you, you wont miss anything at all.

On Tuesday the 14th, shitboy’s employer paid his child support to Family court, and is now paid up to date. There should be no further trouble with it.(me crossing my fingers-knocking wood)

Last night at the grocery store, me & the boys ran into shitboys sister- Shitgirl. Ted, my oldest (8yrs) gave her a hug, and asked he " have you seen my D-a-d?" (he spells it, so the younger one doesnt get upset) I immediately said “Ted, dont be doing that, that’s not right” (he knows better than to put people on the spto, and I didnt want shitgirl to think I had put him up to it) She stammered how she hadnt seen him (total and complete BULLSHIT!! ) and split. Then on the way out, she flagged me down and asked me what street we had moved to (in JULY!) I told her. I doubt she will come visit- (she hates me, its mutual)
But I wouldnt be suprised if they drive by to ‘check out’ the place. Frankies birthday was almost 2 weeks ago, and still not a peep out of the whole Shitfamily.

Now that the $$ is paid, he will visit soon, or never again, it will be one or the other.
My mom called from Nashville last night.(I miss her so bad!) She went to Dollywood yesterday, and she was demonstrating how they talk-Y’all…etc- and she sounded GREAT!
She was definitely having a ball, and they are going to the Grand Old Opry on sat night, its televised, so my grammy is gonna tape it for everyone ( I dont get that channel) Our local CM radio station talks every morning to Al Winter, out of Nashville, and I called this morning and asked the radio guys if they would pass along my moms story, and her name to see if he could get someone at the Opry to say hi to her…Its a huge longshot, but stranger things have happened, and she would get a huge thrill out of it. Anyway,I tried.

This last week I have been so lost with her away, I usually call her a few times a day to talk, or just say hi. Now I wonder how I will possibly be able to manage the rest of my life when she is really gone. I have been torturing myself for days with these horrible fantasies of what might happen to my Dad. I am now terrified of loosing him too…I spoke to my brother and he too has thought alot about mom & stuff this week.I know this is all because we cant see her right now, and it is the way of the subconcious or something to bring this stuff out. I will be so glad when she gets home, I am gonna give her a big hug whether she likes it or not! ( mom doesnt like to be touched)

Anyhoo, she feels great, and treatment is going well, so I havent given up, it is just more real this week.

Its Friday, and thats great, this weekend, soem of my friends are coming over to watch a movie…I am open to suggestions.

Kel, hooray for the $$! Geez, what a relief that must be for you. We’ll see how the Shitfamily stuff works out; my guess is that they’ll, unfortunately for them, probably continue in the same vein of occaisonal (sp)sporadic visits. I feel sorry for the boys.

Movies: sounds like you need something funny. How 'bout either of the Ace Ventura movies, Austin Powers, or the like. Sounds like you need a good laugh to get rid of some of that stress! Glad to hear your mom is having fun-she deserves it.

Thanks, and I dont want a movie that will change my life- Saving pte. Ryan, Shindlers list etc-, and I want funny with action, but one of my guests, my buddy’s wife- is a bit of a prude,. She is very straight.VERY.

I want to see 'Very Bad Things" about the stripped who dies at the bachelor party, but GUARANTEED that will not impress her, nad they are good friends, so I will try and accomodate them. I am thinking something like Rushhour the Jackie chan one, that was mindless & a good funny diversion. I dont want to see anything I have already seen. I dont even know what is out right now.

Is ther a New Releases website or something?

I guess “The Full Monty” is out, then. :wink:

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Hey there…

Glad ya got all the cash from dipshit. I’ve heard what a pain it is to collect child support from plenty of my friends, so I know that getting it all of it is an accomplishment :slight_smile:

It’s a shame that Shitboy’s (you don’t mind if I call him “Shitboy”, do ya? I don’t know or care what his fromal name is) family don’t care about seeing your children. I can’t comprehend that at all. I’ve never had kids, but I know that when I do, they’re gonna be my LIFE.

It sounds like your mom has the right attitude…I think that how you feel really does affect your health…I’m hoping that your mom pulls through.

I know this sounds lame, but it’s hard to think of how to say this online. :frowning: Al I can do is wish you the best.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

You know, I’m sure we could arrange an “accident” to take out the Shitfamily…might do the world good to rid us of the “Shit” gene…

Can I suggest Office Space? Its kinda like dilbert only much funnier. And it is something I would watch with my parents so its not too offensive!

Kelli, I don’t know the whole shitboy situation as I have been here a relatively short time. It’s really none of my business, and I feel bad for your kids. But as your kids grow older, they will realize what a shitboy dad really is (if he continues giving you problems with child support, not visiting, and ignoring milestones such as birthdays). My husband and I just got custody of his 8 yr. old son whom he had not seen in 4 years. For the previous four years, he had been the sole caretaker. It’s a long story, but suffice it to say he is finally here with us and our two girls. His mother, who is a drunk, an IV drug addict, a convicted “multi-felon”, AND an honest-to-goodness crack whore, has not called. Thank God. Though I had never seen this child before, he asked to call me Mommy after two days. We are getting him into counseling and hope that things will work out. She Who Rides the Broom should be back in jail soon.
I hope your kids’ dad isn’t as bad as Nick’s mom. I hope he changes his ways and makes amends for what he’s done. I think in her case it’s far too late. But if he doesn’t, all you can do is all you can do. Good luck.

My ex is a jerk, but he has never laid a hand on any of us, and he was really great about the support for a long time, he was once a great dad. I dont really know what happened to him. He has a really rotten family, with twisted ideas that have warped him a great deal over the years, but in spite of this he was a good dad when he was there.I have often said he would be perfect if his parents just vanished. I never EVER worried about the safety of the kids when he had them, and I would hand them over now if he wanted them for an overnight visit, or for an hour. I dont want anyone to think he is evil, he is just worthless right now. I still hope he straightens out. Nothing would make me happier than for the kids to have lots of regular contact with him.
I call him shitboy because
a) I dont want him to read this and go _Hey! Thats ME!
I strongly doubt he ever would, but someone he knows might, and he has an odd name, put that with Kelli, and its not hard to connect us.
b) I call him shitboy because I am mad at him for blowing me off for the support, lying over and over, and most of all missing my Frankie’s birthday.

I just dont want you to think he is as awful as the crack whore.(shudder)

ps. thanks Frankie (above) that sounds PERFECT!!

May I suggest an early evening viewing of, say, Walt Disney’s “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”?
Served, of course with a side of piping hot p-corn and donairs(?)!

I’m sure (B) will appreciate Jessica (Can you be two-dimentional and still be curvaceous?).

and the kids’ll enjoy it too!

Scott, not a bad idea, but ‘B’ has been away for 2 weeks fishing eels…Dont even ask!
So I dont know if he will be in attendance or not. Things are cooling, and it aint due to the hurricane!

I am pretty sure you dont know what a donair is ( boy you really pay attention to my posts! :o )so here is the scoop…

A steamed pita bread is wrapped aroung thinly sliced meat (the meat is essentially a very spicy ‘meatloaf’ that is roasted on a spit)
add onions, tomatoes, a little lettuce, sometimes cheese, and smother in a sweet creamy garlic sauce.
Come visit and I’ll take you out for one!

lets try that again…

Hey kelli, I don’t know how close you are to your dad, But why don’t you talk to him? Tell him that you are scared of losing him too. With your mom being sick I’m sure he’s thinking the same thing. Just a thought take it as you will.

  1. Have you thought about maybe renting some old black and whites? Old George Burns and Gracie tapes still make me lol!! Or try to find some old episodes of the Jack Bennie Oh so funny!!

  2. Whats the diff. between a gyro and a donair? They sound the same to me. Minus the cheese part.

Bad spellers of the world… UNTIE

Dad is worried too, he is trying to quit smoking because of this. I actually move across town and now I am just a few streets away from him. We see him all the time.
It is crazy stuff that i cant control…like a tire blowing up or something ( dad has his own business, fixing truck tires etc). In my consious mind, I know that I cannot control these things, and it is a waste of energy to worry about them, but I do anyway. I also worry more now about what will happen to the boys if something happens to me.

JLPicard: I think the diff is the sauce, I believe a gyro has cukumbers(sp)and a more dilly sauce.

I love old movies, but they dont strike much of a chord with my friends. I usually rent them to watch alone, so I can really enjoy them.On the Waterfront,Casablanca or Splendor in the Grass, or the best- A Streetcar Named Desire…love 'em.

<font face=“Tempus Sans ITC”> Kelli, we are your friends, & your problems are neither mundane, nor pointless, and certainly not something that we are unwilling to listen to or(if possible) help with. You got friends; you are a class act; & we think the world of you.

If ‘Shitboy’ did not agree with the above sentiments, then rename him ‘Shit-For-Brains-Boy’.

Be Good To Yourself, Kid.</font>

We have met the enemy, and He is Us.–Walt Kelly

Gee, you guys are really the best.
I think the best move I ever made was to make my first post. You all enrich me in so many ways. Not just because you listen to me, but you let me listen to you.

I am better for having you all in my life…cyber be damned, this is real life too! :smiley:

*cyber kisses,
Kelli *