Shitboy's mama

called me last night to tell me what she got the boys for Xmas…we got talking and I reminded her that SB hasnt seen the kids for over 2 months…she was stunned.

Apparently he has been telling her that he tries to call and we are never home, Not the case at all, I say, I have one of those phones that shows who calls, and he has NOT.

She was suitable upset, and is determined to see them more herself. She didnt want to be pushy & stuff, and I told her I didnt know if I should call her…

Anyway, she cant fathom why he hasnt seen them, but the next time he says he called, she wont buy it. I told her that if he cant be consistant, its better to stay away, she agreed and I said that goes for her too…she agreed that they need consistancy.

Hopefully this will be the start of a good thing the boys always liked her, and she always treated ted as her own…(it was her idea to be Nanny to him when I first started up with shitboy)

So, although I am glad she has shown an interest in them…I feel even worse because she told me Shitboy has been home Every Damn Weekend for the last month! He only lives 20 minutes away! Jerk.

Hmm…sounds like he is at least ashamed and doesn’t want his mom to know what a ‘shitboy’ he really is. It’s good though that you were able to talk to her.
Even when my X lived with his parents for a while, when they would babysit right there where he lived he wouldn’t even take advantage of that time he could have spent with my son.
Just goes to show you that even when the children are right there within reach it doesn’t matter and they (shitboys) really don’t care about anyone but themselves.
Good luck with her and I hope she can give your children what they need in a grandparent.

bad…bad boy!
this is something i cant comprehend…a dad not wanting to be with his kids. tell you what…its totally his fault, its not really not wanting, more like he is afraid of something. which makes him think that he either doesnt want, or makes him to lazy to call and find out what is happening with his kids. my guess is that he is afraid of the responsibilities that come with having kids, namely he doesnt know how to act or what to do…he doesnt know the kids well enough to be comfortable with them, and is propably thinking it will all be better when they are a little older…but that is less than little, and much to late. so get someone to kick his shitty ass, so he will realize that its more important for the kids to be with hiim than it is for him to do anything at all.