Shit, now I have to call my mother

How come?

So, I guess that you and your mum don’t share the closest of relationships, but today (now yesterday) being Mother’s Day, you feel an obligation to at least show a pretence of son-ly concern.

And anyway, you still wanna be remembered in the will.:smiley:

Are you gonna fill us in or do we have to make up the story?

kambuckta, I think it’s still yesterday in the US, wheras it’s today here, so yesterday to scott evil may be today in his world, I know it’s tomorrow here for some of them, but today is today to you and me.

Nah Caught@Work, it’s today there AND here, now AND then, although as far as I’m aware they’ve had less today than we have, although if you ask them Merkins, they’d prolly say they’d had just as much today TODAY as yesterday.

I think.

No, it’s still today here in Canada, which is where scott evil is.

Scott you have to phone your mother because SHE WAS IN LABOUR FOR 26 HOURS PUSHING YOUR FAT HEAD OUT OF HER POOR MALIGNED CROTCH! Oh, wait. Maybe that was my mom…

Anyhow, call the poor woman. It will take 5 minutes, and you’ll get good karmic points.

Al. (Who took her mom shopping today…)

Why does it say scott evil started this thread?

I see **Scarlett67 ** with the first post.


I don’t think scott evil really had much to say, but by now, it’s tomorrow there and in a few hours it will be tomorrow here, so yesterday was the day, so he hasn’t got much time left before yesterday is tomorrow, both here and there.

Linear Crack, the board has a technical glitch that causes some threads to appear without an OP. scott evil’s OP was lost to the ether. So when I came in here to respond, the thread was blank (my first time catching one of these things!).

Well, here today, (or yesterday), I’m going to expand upon Scott Evils’s dilemma.
Y’see, it has been a while since he’s been a dutiful lad, and his mum has been earbashing him the whole time since he phoned her after his last post. Suffering from a severe dose of ‘Why don’t you ring your poor old mum’ guilt, and acknowledging his slackness, he has been hanging off the phone since yesterday, today, or tomorrow if you’re that way inclined geographically.

And apart from that, she’s worth millions, so he doesn’t want to burn too many bridges.

Ignore the above post…it doesn’t even make sense to ME!

Y’know… sometimes some of us actually have a mother who is completely vile and thus does not deserve the slightest bit of attention on Mother’s Day.

This horseshit that just because some bitch didn’t use protection and then deigned to uncross her legs after nine months does not make her June fucking Cleaver, and does not entitle her ass to anything.

I’m not going to get into my own story(which can be found by searching pit threads), but there can be circumstances that lead to a complete silence between mother and child.

That the greeting card companies and our social structure seem to attempt to keep children paying yearly fealty to fathers and mothers, no matter how undeserving, leaves me feeling appalled and resentful.

Oh my! :eek:

From folowing your posts, I know you had a stormy, trobule-filled life, and your parents truly are scumbuckets. But instead of making Mother’s Day one more source of angst, why not reengineer it and make it be Nice To Myself Day?

Seriously, do things you enjoy with people who love you. Indulge your whimsy, eat chocolate, drink some good champagne, go shopping. You raised yourself, after all, so why not give yourself some props?

Actually, gobear, I do just that. My husband and I went to Borders yesterday and had a leisurely time shopping.

I just get very peeved when someone voices their feelings against the societal compulsion to honor a mother or a father who is hideous, and then the person gets dogpiled on by a score of Pollyannas who from my view behave with the same sort of intolerance that I see from overzealous xians who are looking to convert heathens.

Society seems to be set up with the ad hominem belief that no matter what a parent does to their children, that the children are forever bound to pay homage and fealty just for the donation of body fluids and a nine month uterine hostel.

I often see that those who do not comply with blind parental fealty are treated like freaks, shunned, and criticized for wanting to maintain a boundary.

I am touchy about it, I grant you. It is hard to be amongst people when there is this Donna Reed/June Cleaveresque perspective on mothers, and your personal experience is looking at sybil and thinking that her mother wasn’t really that bad.

This is the pit. All ops are liable to get posts that oppose and criticize their point of view. I just get the feeling that where such emotionally based concepts are involved, those who have not experienced how bad it can be generally don’t understand why sometimes a hard boundary has to be set from child to parent, which can involve a complete seperation.

Hastur, while I haven’t had your parental experiences, I’ll commisserate in not always understanding the societal compulsion to honor our parents. There are parents (and children) who just haven’t held up their end of the parent-child relationship, and in such case, sometimes complete separation is necessary.