Muffinman, a word please...

I love you dearly. You’re one of my closest friends. But please, for the love of God, STOP FLIRTING WITH MY MOTHER! I understand that you’re bored and need someone to chat with, but I’ve asked you both nicely many times now to please stop. It creeps me out. I can’t stand the idea of you guys chitchatting, about me especially. It’s weird. Would you want Amanda or Taz or someone flirting with YOUR dad? I’ve even gone as far as to block your previous names from her account, but I haven’t done your most recent one because the thought never crossed my mind. And what did I hear yesterday from my sister? “So, did you hear Mom was talking to one of your friends last night?” I know you both find it amusing that it annoys me. But it’s not cute, and it’s not funny. It’s very much creepy. I know how much you gossip. I take great pride in the fact that my mom knows next to nothing about my life. The last thing I need is for you to let something slip, and then she’ll figure out exactly how clueless she really is…
So please, I’m asking you nicely, for the last time before I just start throwing stuff…LEAVE MY MOM ALONE!

Is your Mom hot?

Why do I hear strains of Mrs. Robinson when I read this thread?

For some strange reason, I’m hearing “Harper Valley PTA”.

So let me get this straight…you’re trying to dictate who your mom can be friends with? I think you have a point about gossiping about you, that is rude. However, why can’t they chat amongst themselves?

“It’s my MOM, dude!”

Dude, she’s a total MILF!


I’ll have to admit my first reaction is “Whoa, Pams”

Would you mind posting JPEGs of your guardianship papers or springing power of attorney + affadavit from your Mom’s doctor testifying to her inability to make her own decisions?

Outside of that, if your Mom is being harassed by people on the board, I’m sure many folks here would be glad to offer her advice on blocking them or taking other necessary action if she were to request it.

“Your stepmom IS cute, though…”

“Shut up, Ted.”

“Remember when she was a senior and we were freshmen?”

“Shut up, Ted!”

“Remember when I asked her to the prom?”


The OP was …fascinating…to those of us who don’t know any of the players in this drama (that would be, oh, say about 10,000 Dopers). IMO, this would have been much more effective as a rant about friends who cross the line, mothers who don’t behave appropriately, or something to that effect.

Ummmm… I’m confused. Do people have board access but no email accounts?

:perplexed as to why so many people lately are starting threads regarding personal issues that should be taken up personally::

damn smileys - s/b ::perplexed as to why so many people lately are starting threads regarding personal issues that should be taken up personally::

And Pammi, now that we’re off the mom jokes…I think the above statement is very sad. I know you’re a proud young woman but having a mother that knows ‘next to nothing’ about you is a sad way to go through life.

I’m not a cuddly, Oprah Book daughter who sits around with coffee talking about douches with my mom, but i don’t hide things from her or lie to her about my lifestyle.

And I sure as hell wouldn’t go INTO HER EMAIL ACCOUNT AND DELETE NAMES if I wasn’t even willing to divulge to her what kind of person I was.

And I also have to second the thought that perhaps you could have emailed muffinman separately instead of dragging him into the Pit for something COMPLETELY unrelated to the SDMB.


Let me get this straight. You went into your mother’s PRIVATE email account and played censor?

Jesus H. Christ.

If my daughter did something like that she would be SO out of my house. Actually, my daughter’s only 14 so she wouldn’t be out of the house, but she would surely be blocked from the computer or, at the very least, I’d change MY passwords to MY email account and ground her till she was 30.

I can’t see how who your mother talks to or flirts with is any of your damned business. She’s a grown woman perfectly capable of having her own friends.

Do you have no respect for this woman at all?

Okay, admittedly I don’t have the best relationship with my mother. And maybe I have many things in my life I haven’t told her either.

But JESUS H. CHRIST, I’d NEVER go into her email account and delete or block stuff. I wouldn’t want her to do it to me, so why would I do it to HER? And FTR, even with how my mother is, she’s never read my email, never gone hunting on my computer. That’s just low.

Oh, and “taking great pride that she knows next to nothing”? I’m with jarbaby. That’s sad. I don’t tell my mom a lot of stuff, but I dearly wish I could. If you enjoy having a terrible relationship that much, move out.

At least your parents have never invited your friends over to dinner when you’re not home. :slight_smile: I’d say be glad that your friends have a good enough relationship with your mom that they’re comfortable talking or flirting or whatever. Maybe they don’t have a good relationship with their own parents and need or want that. I know I feel more comfortable sometimes talking to the dad of one of my friends than I do my own dad. And, like other people have mentioned…going into other people’s e-mail and friends lists is really just not cool.

To set the record straight, I didn’t sneak into her email or anything like that. I told her I was doing it. She watched me. As far as I know, she could really care less if they have conversations or not, she just talks back if he IMs her. So if he’s blocked, then he doesn’t have the opportunity to talk to her first.

I’ve been through this before…my mom and my friends just don’t mix. It’s led to disaster before, and I don’t feel like watching it happen again.

And as for the email thing, yeah, I probably should’ve kept it in email. But I’ve asked before, and he still goes back anyways, so I figured I’d try this as a last resort.

I love my mom, I really do. But I also have a lot of crap in my life that she just doesn’t need to know about, because it would either just piss her off, or sadden her. I don’t feel the need to do either.

**“Good evening, Mr. Gladstone, so nice to see you again.” **

Sorry, had to go there :smiley:

Why does this disturb me???

You say you love ma, and I don’t have any first hand knowledge to contradict you, but this statement is not consistent with that emotion, IMHO…

Young lady - you are SO grounded!

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