Kellogg's Raisin Bran vs Post Raisin Bran

Inspired by the What’s Your Favorite Cereal? thread.

Which is better, Post or Kellogg’s? Is there any difference at all? Both boxes look suspiciously alike. My grocery store prices them exactly the same. Which was the first Raisin Bran? When did Raisin Bran become “public domain” (i.e. allow manufacturers other than the originator to call their raisins and flakes of bran cereals “Raisin Bran”)? What the hell is bran, anyway?

I’ve had both and can’t tell the difference. So I get whichever one is on sale. But I won’t buy “store brand” raisin brans. They suck.

Only one of the brands (Post, IIRC) has sugared raisins.

No, No, No! Kellogg’s has sugared raisins! Post is deeply, deeply inferior.
The only raisin bran I eat is Kellogg’s. Oddly, I don’t like raisins in other cereals, but eat it in theirs.

I’ve always preferred Post over Kelloggs, but it’s been so long since I tried Kellogg’s it may be improved now.

Sugar-covered raisins? I had no idea. I always thought raisins would be sweet enough on their own.

Perhaps that’s why the “supermarket-brands” suck so badly: maybe they cheap-out and don’t sugar-coat their raisins. That and they make the flakse out of dead skin and old phone books.

Kellogg’s is MUCH better. Post has flimsy branflakes too, they tend to get much soggier in milk. If you are going to stay regular, at least enjoy what you are eating.

Raisins? BLEACH!


“My cat’s breath smells like cat food.” - Ralph Wiggum

Kellogg’s Raisen Bran’s box is prettier – that deep purple color. I buy that one. Never tried Post’s Raisen Bran.

Marketing, marketing, marketing…

Neither. I like Total with Raisins much better than either of the two.

No, no, no… the sugared raisins are in Raisin Nut Bran. Which, the box clearly says, is “better tasting than Kellogg’s and Post raisin bran.” Oh yes, it is.

I don’t really have a preference, they’re all pretty much the same to me. I go with whatever is on sale or the one I have a better coupon for.

As long as my cereal’s raisins can dance and sing Motown, I don’t really care whether they’re sugar-coated or not.

Post, Post, Post! Mucho better than Kelloggs! I, of course, have absolutely no scientific basis for my conclusion…it’s just…better!

I like George Carlin’s bit on Raisin Bran. As near as I can remember, it went:

“One morning, I grabbed my box of Raisin Bran, but decided I just wanted plain bran instead. So I grabbed a record album, dumped the cereal on it, and rolled all the raisins out.”

Yep, Kellogg’s is the brand with the sugared raisins. I know this because i just bought a box of POST raisin bran (it was cheaper than the Kellogg’s). I tasted it and it was blander (more bland?). Not that its bad…I like the wholesomeness of unsugared bran and raisin cereal as well as the sweetness of the sugared kind. But the best cereal, IMHO is Count Chocula. I ate a box of that in about four days. SUGAR RUSH!!!

Folks, folks, folks. Lemme share what I learned in Consumer Reports a few years ago. Most raisin brans have sugared raisins, and for a very simple reason:

crisp, dry flakes

  • fresh moist raisins
  • any storage time at all

stale, foul flakes and raisins tougher than pencil erasers.

So, to have any prayer of non-stale RB, you coat the raisins in superfine sugar, which helps keep the moisture locked in the raisins where it belongs. (At least for a while, anyway. Even under the best of circumstances RB doesn’t keep for that long.) For about a minute back in the 80s Post tried getting rid of the sugar - and the result was inedible.

Remember Crispy Wheats-n-Raisins? Their gimmick was to coat the flakes, too, in a very fine sugar syrup. There are probably still boxes of that stuff around that are a-ok.

Organic brands often try to reduce the sugar by substituting rice flour, oat flour or the like for rolling the raisins in. I’ve tried one or two, but the other stuff often has too powdery a texture. Plus, the organic brands don’t tend to move off the shelf as quickly so the boxes I bought may have been stale anyway.

Now, as for Post vs. Kellogg’s - I prefer Post’s because the bran flakes are better. They have more flavor, and since they’re larger and thicker they don’t turn to mush instantly like Kellogg’s. Total Raisin Bran is decent, too, but it’s a lot more expensive and generally not worth it. (To me, plain Total tastes like a vitamin pill.)

I’ve found myself to be a liar. I just ate a bowl of Post Raisin Bran, and as I poured it into the bowl i noticed…TA DAH…sugared raisins!! So now I don’t know what makes Kellogg’s better ('cause i’m still asserting Kellogg’s is better)…maybe it’s the bran flakes. Hmm…



I read recently the Mowtown RAISIN GUYS are coming back!!!


I’ve missed those little fellas…

I have been eating Kellogg’s Raisin Bran a long time. Costco has the best deal for price. I went to a new Costco and they had Post Raisin Bran. I reluctantly bought the Post. The Post is yes, has bigger flakes, but also has a lot more crumbs. Yes the flakes don’t get as soggy but are harder to chew. The big difference I noticed is the smell. I told my wife I love the smell of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran in the morning.
Post has a smell more like an open field of wheat. I miss the Kellogg’s smell. It’s almost as good as the smell of a good cup of coffee. Can’t wait to finish this box of Post and get back to Kellogg’s.

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