Kevin Smith's new show "Hollyweed".

I just now found out about this and watched the pilot on youtube.

It’s about some dudes who work in a marijuana store. Kevin plays one of the dudes. “Jay” plays a homeless guy that lives out back by the dumpster.

It is classic Kevin Smith humour, just about marijuana.

I love Kevin Smith humour and if you do too you might enjoy this.

Thanks for the heads up. Definitely a Kevin Smith production and worth a look if you like his stuff. I laughed at the opening bit way more than I probably should have.

I was gonna watch this show but then I got high.

Just reverse the order next time.

Moderately amusing. We’ll see if it gets funded.

Me and Daisy watched it. Liked it, would watch if it gets picked up/funded.:cool::smiley:

I really like Kevin Smith, I would probably watch it hoping it got better, but that wasn’t anything great.

It’s kind of a weird story. He did that 2 years ago and no one touched it. This new website picked up the pilot as it’s first product. Strange business plan. Viewers have to vote how much they are willing to pay for each new episode then the company will decide to pick it up or not. I read that they had to do a couple of reshoots that look weird because Smith lost 30 pounds since then.

Yeah, and I loved how they mention it in the pilot.

The one guy goes something like,

“Hey man did you lose a bunch of weight last night?”

And Kevin’s character says,

“Yeah, I was feeling all bloated yesterday.”

Kevin is wrong. There are dragons in Schindler’s List. You just have to know where to look and use the right kind of eyes.

All I saw was a sailboat.