Keyboard command # stopped working

I noticed this for the first time just a few days ago.

The keyboard # command pops up a little dialog box, in which you can enter a desired post number, and it jumps directly to that post. This has stopped working. Now, no matter what post number you enter, it takes you to the first post in the thread.

More precisely: It takes you to the desire post, but only for a brief moment. Then the page appears to re-load itself, but leaves you at the top of the thread.

I’m not seeing this on Windows and SDMB Light theme. Which OS and theme are you using?

I am using Straight Dope Light theme. Computer is an old-ish MacBook Pro, browser is an old-ish Firefox. This is the environment I’ve been using for a long long time. Nothing has changed on my end that I can think of.

I know that # used to work because I’ve used it. But it doesn’t work for me now.

Now wait a minute. (As I type this, I see you’re in the midst of typing a reply too.) I just noticed this:

If I type # then enter a post number then click on the OK button, it works as expected. But if I enter a post number then press the Enter key, it fails as described above. But that is exactly how I’ve used the # command previously, which used to work. So something has changed.

An old browser is the most likely cause. Discourse keeps being updated, and if your browser is not reasonably up to date you will start to have problems.

It just seems like a odd quirky thing to suddenly have problems with. Why would a Discourse update mess with some detail like that? I haven’t noticed a similar problem with other dialog boxes (although to be sure, one doesn’t deal with dialog boxes much in Discourse), and I haven’t seen other problems all of a sudden.

It probably comes down to updated versions of JavaScript, and which version of JavaScript your browser supports.

You could try downloading the latest version of any browser and see if you have the same problem with it.