Keypad shortcut for submit?

I was typing a reply, and my fingers got tangled up, resulting in my hitting a couple of keys at once. Immediately thereafter my unfinished post got submitted.

I always submit by dragging my cursor and clicking on submit. This time, my hands did not leave my keyboard.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to submit? Just curious.


The submit button is bolded, so it’s probably the default action when you press enter. If this posts, that’s correct.

Maybe that should be changed.

If you’re using IE, you may have tabbed down to the submit button and then hit enter/return.

I’m on OS X/Safari, and return and enter both just start a new line in the reply text box.

You might have hit Alt-S somewhere in there, thereby causing your reply to be submitted.


Alt-S, Tab-Space and Tab-Enter/Return will submit your post.

Alt-P, Tab-Tab-Space and Tab-Tab-Enter/Return will preview it.

I’ll bet it was Alt-S. Think a couple of my digits got tangled up in that general area. Thanks.

Hard to believe I used to do WP strictly with function keys and key shortcuts. I am now such a slave to windows and my mouse.

The Submit button has the “accesskey” attribute set to S. If Alt-S doesn’t work for you, try finding out how your browser uses access keys. (A list for a few major browsers.)