Kid Dies Imitating Naruto

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Youtube Recording of Initial News Broadcast

Updated Online News Article Stating Death.

Hey, I’ve got an idea. Although I know they’ll probably bash Naruto for being ‘violent’ or some such shit, how about instead you, you know, watch your kids! Amazing concept! Parental supervision!

What I don’t understand is how fucking packed in was he that he couldn’t pull his head out and had to thrash about and still not get free?
And plus, this kid was playing in the back yard of a family friend. Awesome, okay, so where the everloving hell was this friend? I’d be all over them like flies on shit for not watching these kids more closely, but it sounded like they also needed more supervision than just one person with what it seems six-plus kids running around.

Don’t you pop your head out now and then to look at these kids? And wouldn’t you SEE this kid buried head-first in the sand and think, “Holy shit I’d better pull him out, that can’t be safe!” ?

And why did they think burying his head was a good idea? Why not just have him lie down in the sand and bury his body with his head sticking out? Same effect, and a nice supply of oxygen. Really people.

EDIT: Oh yeah. And parents, please make sure to teach your kids what they see isn’t real and shouldn’t be copied. Put everything in context, mmk?

Who thinks they need to supervise a 5th grader in a goddamn sandbox? A 3 year old, sure, but a 5th grader?

I think he was in his half-brother’s backyard, not a family friend’s.

I suppose any kid that age that thought he could get his head buried in sand and still breathe was…? Deserving? Stupid? Taken advantage of?
I can’t say. You want to believe that he was coerced into such an act as a younger child by older children just to justify it, but…imitating naruto by burying your head in sand?
This sucks.

Really, I was well beyond parental supervision by the time I was 10 and I escaped serious harm and death just fine.

By the way, I think I was about 4 when my dad told me sand was a good way to smother a fire. Even my pre-kindergarten brain could extrapolate not to bury my head in the shit.

Who or what is Naruto?

Wow, when i used to play like this I would, you know… do handsigns and stuff (kamehameha!) and my friends would pretend to get hit. Apparantly they’ve decided to just go all out and take 20 minutes to set up the effects of the attack. We’ll have military grade super-lasers in weeks.

Seriously how stupid do you have to be? I mean 5th graders aren’t THAT dumb, it has to take some real negligence to not teach that fine point between between “hey let’'s pretend to kill you like in that anime, it’ll be realistic and cool” and “holy fuck going that far can kill you in real life too. Let’s NOT do that.”

A Japanese animataion about ninjas and stuff. (Sand ninjas, apparently.)

This is tragic, but really, 5th grade is old enough to know better.

And it involves characters burying themselves in the sand?

My ex GF was a big fan of Naruto*, cosplaying and all… alas, I wish her commitment for reenacting death sequences would have been as high as that kid.
*AKA Sakura, AKA Bitch From Hell

It’s a show about ninjas, and one of them can manipulate sand. He can encapsulate himself in sand, although he leaves room for himself to breathe I believe. Maybe the kids missed that episode? Anyway, the character’s name is Gaara

Naruto is an Anime about ninja. Not typical ninja as assassins, they exaggerate abilities on a level above that of ordinary scope. It mainly revolvs around the Village Hidden in the Leaves (I believe in the land of fire). The second major tracable story arc revolved aorund something called the Chunin Exams. In the Chunin exams various Ninja from the ninja villages (most of the major nation in the world have a village) do tests to rise to the rank of Chunin (basically second level) from Genin (basically entry level). The tests are anything from a written exam with a clever, unspoken twist to a tournament, people aren’t supposed to die in the tournament portion and none do in the arc but it’s stated it can occur.

The major part of this Arc dealt with three ninja from the Village Hidden in the Sand. One of the ninja, Gaara of the Desert is the Kazekage’s (Lightning(?) Shadow, leader of the sand village) son. He was born with, or had put into him a sand spirit/demon at birth. He carries sand in a gord on his back and can use it to form sand based armor and shells, or to attack. One of the more disturbing abilities is called Sand Coffin/Sand Burial. This basically forms a cacoon of sand around the person (except the face usually), tightens the sand and basically kills the person quite instantly (and gruesomely one would assume). You can see a video of him fighting if you’re interested here:
(and yes he’s fighting the same person in green he’s helping throughout the video, he becomes an ally to him later. Long story)

As heartless as it may sound to say, this seems like natural selection in action. Kids who aren’t smart enough to refrain from suffocating themselves in sand don’t go on to have children of their own.

Yeah, I’m hoping some more details come out that shed the light of reason on this tragedy, but going off what we’ve got now I’m gonna have to agree with you.

No, the article said he was playing in the friend’s yard, but with his half-brother’s kids and some others.

I’m now suddenly worried about something. I don’t know how far the English series has gone, but since I’ve seen up to episode 170-something-ish in Japanese, I’m afraid that someday kids might want to try and imitate the skill “Black Secret Technique Machine One Shot”, which is a technique that a ninja named Kankuro uses.
Basically, it traps his opponent inside one of his man-sized puppets while another puppet breaks apart into many blades and stabs into the first one, like the “swords stabbed into a box” magic trick with the person inside.
And you see blood trickle from the puppet whom the target is inside.

Let’s see. Kid? Check. Large cardboad box? Check. Things to stab into the box with the kid inside?
This could not be good if parents don’t teach their kids not to imitate these things.

I’m puzzled. I’ve heard about these unfortunate don’t-try-this-at-home stories before, but they always involved stunts that looked cool, or were part of a phenomenon that was cool, or looked like it might be fun, something that would appeal to a dumb kid. Pro wrestling moves, action movie stunts, cowboys and Indians, even Beabis and Butthead, you can see the appeal.

Now, I’m not very familiar with the Naruto’s anime adaptation, but I have read a few volumes of the manga. There are lessons about teamwork, courage, strength, integrity, and honor. There are difficult exercises, dangerous tests, and ferocious battles. There’s a strict hierarchy that dictates every facet of life. There are marauding thugs, hellish puppetmasters, and soulless monsters. People bleed. People die. (There’s at least one person in an early volume who’s decapitated.) This is not some cheery, goofy, cartoony Jackie Chan chop-sock fest with lots of posing and sneering and blabbering about the Hyakubabagon Shinjurizaki Kampakakufaburayotsukatsubitsunageyama.

At not any point did I think that any part of these people’s lives or philosophies would be even remotely attractive to your average American 5th grader. It seems like a really hard living where you’re never completely secure and every day could be your last.

And what, praytell, is the cool factor in sticking one’s head in the sand??

(Never mind why he didn’t pull his head out when he realized he was in trouble.)

We may be looking at the most bizarre Darwin Award entry ever.

Kids do stupid things. When I was ten I probably did some stupid stuff that could have killed me. It’s terribly sad for the family, but that’s all there is to it.

The incident happened in the Seattle area, so it’s been on the news every day. Even so, it’s still a puzzle to me.
The sand box was one foot deep. Somehow, he couldn’t struggle out of one foot of sand. The other kids buried his head at his request.

Meh, I did some fairly dumb things when I was 10 (I recall trying to get sparks out of the electric socket with paper-clips and climbing up to the top of a cliff that I wouldn’t touch today without climbing gear and a harness). I’d still humbly claim at least average intelligence as an adult, so I suspect that (on preview, as Madmonk says,)10 year old boys just tend to do dumb stuff, and that every year some small fraction are going to manage to kill or seriously maim themselves.

Wind shadow. The sand village is in the wind country.

I’m trying to figure out where this particular idea came from. I can’t recall a single incident that involves just a head in sand. Everything else, sure (headhunter jutsu, anyone?), or the entire body before being crushed to death, but, just…argh! I mean, I know kids do dumb things, but imitating a highly unrealistic cartoon where people are routinely killed? Good grief.

(My husband suggested they were really imitating South Park, trying to prove to the terrorists that they don’t watch Family Guy.)