Kidnapped: Series Premiere 9/20/06

This just ended (10-11 PM EST) – just finished watching. Anybody else?

I liked it – especially the first 20 minutes, which was a pretty fast-paced intro. Nice style, good musical score to some of those scenes. I especially liked the intro to the Knapp character (Jeremy Sisto). Thought he played his role rather well.

I also hope Virgil will be back in on the action in later episodes – he was quite sharp, even if it was only the opening confronation.

I’m not sure how they can drag out a “find the kidnapped boy” plot to an entire season, much less multiple seasons, so I hope there ends up being a lot more to the plot. But I thought it was a good start, and only a little slow right at the end.


Meh. How long 'til we learn why Knapp’s so moody and sullen (hmm, could a case have gone wrong?). I’ll watch Sisto in anything, though. He’s a gem.

Anyone want to guess how many episodes pass before the kid’s ability to hold his breath for a long time becomes a plot element? (I’m assuming we’ll be seeing him throughout the season.)

Huh. So I guess not too many people here watched it then…?

I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything before. But I thought he did that role well. I liked the little pause when the mom asks “You’re not very good with people, are you Mr. Knapp?”

Knapp: (pause…) No… But I’m good at finding them.

I had it confused with Vanished, which people were saying was awful. Now that I’ve been enlightened, I set the Tivo for the Saturday repeat. :slight_smile:

By the way, did anyone else first see this episode on the Netflix screener that also included the first episode of Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip? Because I did and I think the episode shown last night was a little different. I don’t remember seeing the scene with the kidnapped kid on the DVD.

Hmmm, the little bitty blurb I read on Vanished did make it sound like a similar kind of plot. But I didn’t see that, so I have no basis for comparison.

The first I heard of Kidnapped, if I recall correctly, was in the movie theater – I think it was several weeks ago when I went to see Little Miss Sunshine, and before the actual movie trailers started up, there was a trailer/ad for this show.

I just caught the episode on NBCs website.

Im still working on Knapps response when he was asked if ““Samson”” would be ok…