The Nine premiere 10/4

Anybody interested in this new show about how 52 hours of being held hostage changes the lives of nine people? Check in here, and I’ll see you later.

So far I’m liking it.

Very confusing, missed some dialog, but already the characters are standing out and not too hard to tell apart. I think the cop and dr. look too much alike and it made it a little harder to immediately identify them. Again, all the girls are hot, not one “regular” female in the bunch whereas two of the guys are definitely not hunks. Sorry, just a personal pet peeve of mine.

Thought the acting was pretty good, but the script left much to be desired. The sexual situations were telegraphed so a monkey could have figured it out. Good cop up against powerfull political superiors. Professional woman in an unsatisfying semi-committed relationship with fellow professional. Can you say stereotypes r us?

I’ll give it another week to show me some originality, if not, well there is plenty to choose from this season.

I think I need a few weeks to stop seeing Scott Foley’s character as anything but Bailey Salinger. Good start, I think I made the right choice in deciding not to get into Kidnapped.

Chi Mcbride is the only reason I decided to watch this show.

So far, he is the only reason I’m willing to watch a second episode.

I liked it. Even though we don’t know what went on, what they’re feeling for each other is believable to me.

Not a surprise that Felicia was visiting the bad guy in jail, but how old is she? She can’t be 18. Are minors allowed to visit prisoners? Alone?

Four hours of TV in one night is too much. Jericho, Kidnapped, The Nine, and Lost. My aching butt.

My wife and I enjoyed it; she liked it a lot more than I did, but thusfar it seems to have competently set up the situation, basic charater motivations, ideas for at least 10-12 upcoming episodes involving “what happened in there”, and a few ideas for post-hostage drama (e.g. the rather obvious Lizzie-Jeremy-Frannie triangle, the less-obvious Lucas-Dana connection).

I’m glad they’re dealing with Mr. Foote (“with an ‘E’ at the end”) next week; his character could grow very annoying very fast if left in its current comic foil state.

I feel your pain. Not only did I also have at least four shows, my tailbone is fractured. Imagine having to watch all that at a ninety-degree angle while lying facedown on the couch. :slight_smile:

I really liked it. A lot of shows have gone to the “fractured storytelling” idea, which can be frustrating, but definitely makes everything interesting. I’m rarely thoroughly hooked by the first episode of anything. I’m sure we’ll have somebody in here soon enough to tell us that nothing was realistic enough and we should all be ashamed of ourselves for enjoying it, but hell–I was entertained. That’s all I ask from my television.

the less-obvious Lucas-Dana connection.


Err, that would be a very obscure connection; make that the Lucas-Felicia connection. Still learning all the characters…

Scott Wolf. Not Foley. He looks too young and Gentile to be a Jewish doctor.

I’m not sure I have the patience for another season-long or multi-season-long mystery show. It’s going to put a big strain on me if we’re going to get 13 or 22 or whatever episodes of “no one knows but us what happened in there.” So tell us already.

I only caught about 2 mins of the show, and the promos during “Lost”…anyone know how this could be a multi-season show? Will it be like “24” where there’s a whole other exciting day that happens next season?

Maybe they all get together for another reunion reunion is hijacked.

Or maybe they go on a 3-hour tour. Yeah…a 3-hour tour…

Maybe it’ll turn out that the brothers only robbed the bank so they could get sent to prison with their other brother, and they have all these tattoos…

I liked it! Everyone’s life turns around after the incident. The person I’m most interested in is the doctor. He must’ve done something cowardly, and yet younger sister still digs him. What was it that he did?

Besides, what’s not to like about seeing Floxx, Audrey, and Mama Reyes?

I find it jarring to have Scott Wolf appear immediately after Matthew Fox’s show ends. Is Neve Campbell going to make a guest appearance?

I really like Scott Wolf, but a heart surgeon? Total miscast. He just doesn’t have the intellect or the authority to be a surgeon.

I love Tim Daly and am amazed that he still looks yummy for his age. I’m a bit disappointed to see them use the whole “cop on the edge” angle that’s been done to death already.

Not only that, but they are both physicians… go figure…

I can’t imagine how they will sustain this show with flashbacks to the bank using subjective hand-held camera shots that are blurry and induce motion sickness…

My wife liked this one more than I did. We’ve already made guesses about what went on in there. For instance:

My money’s on a kill-her-not-me moment.

I’m sure I’ll be watching for a while at least, but I’m not overwhelmed.

Scott Wolf played a doctor in the last show he was on too. He’s getting typecast! :wink:

I hadn’t heard anything about the show until this week, but I decided to tape Kidnapped and check out The Nine. I liked it a lot!

I didn’t get “cowardly” at all – my impression is that he kissed another woman (probably younger sister) at some point during the hostage situation.

Seconded. :slight_smile:

I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of the actors on this show: Tim Daly, Scott Wolf, Chi McBride, Michael O’Neill (aka Secret Service Agent Ron Butterfield on The West Wing), and John Billingsley.

I’m only doing three hours (Jerico, Lost and The Nine), but I have a class on Wednesday nights and have to tape all three and watch them later. I’ve watched Lost and The Nine, and will try to cram Jericho in before Survivor, Earl, The Office, Gray’s Anatomy and Six Degrees tonight.
Can you say “I watch way too freaking much TV” ?

That said, I liked it.
I have a hard time believing they’d let Felicia visit the guy in jail, too. She’d have to have a parent with her, and I doubt the mom would take her.

Did we ever find out exactly what the realationship was between Scott Wolf and his hospital girlfriend? Obviously not much of a commitment, if he’s already going after the other girl.

She’s apparently in high school so she could be 18, or the rules in whatever state this is could allow for younger visitors.

I don’t think he was “going after” the sister. I don’t think he’s intrested in pursuing a relationship with her; it was a comfort screw.