The Nine premiere 10/4

Maybe my expectations were just too high, but I didn’t find “The Nine” to be very compelling. There are some actors that I like a lot (Kim Raver, Tim Daly, John Billingsley, Chi McBride), but I just didn’t find myself to be very interested in the characters. I may try watching again, though. If two episodes don’t grab me, I’ll let it drop. This season I have more shows to watch than I have time in which to watch 'em.

What Otto said. It seemed to me that they were a serious couple, but then something happened during the hostage situation to make Girlfriend unsure about being with him anymore, and by the time Doc hooked up with Younger Sister he and Girlfriend hadn’t spoken in a week or two – which was two or three weeks by the time they all met at the restaurant. Which makes Girlfriend what, about a month along?

I agree. My DVR is already having a nervous breakdown.

Agreed. I kept thinking of him as “Dr. Bailey.”

I thought the pilot episode was fairly decent, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I’ll give it a couple more weeks.

I thought it was interesting enough to continue watching. I liked the casting too. It was an especially nice touch to have Billingsley’s real life wife, Bonita Friedericy, playing his wife on the show.

The actor who played Foote played a super-creepy serial killer on “Cold Case,” so I kept expecting him to whack someone.

I liked it. I was astonished how much I actually cared when Eva? died. Tim Daly is a favorite of mine, and I’m pretty impressed with Kim Raver from “24.”

He played an alien doctor on “Enterprise,” so I kept expecting him to heal someone.

I’m still not clear on the characters’ names and motivations.

Nick - Disgraced cop

Egan - Suicidal office drone

??? - Bank manager

Felicia - Bank manager’s daughter

??? - Surgeon Guy

??? - Surgeon Guy’s girlfriend (what’s her job), who is pregnant but not with Surgeon guy’s kid (?)

??? - Latina babe, sister of Latina babe who died in the hostage crisis, seems to have a crush on Nick (?)

??? - Lawyer chick

And who is the ninth that I’m missing?

Nick - Disgraced cop

Egan - Suicidal office drone

Malcolm? - Bank manager

Felicia - Bank manager’s daughter

Jeremy? - Surgeon Guy

Lizzie? - Surgeon Guy’s girlfriend (what’s her job), who is pregnant but not with Surgeon guy’s kid: It’s surgeon guy’s kid, but she doesn’t like surgeon guy any longer. (?)

Frannie? - Latina babe, sister of Latina babe who died in the hostage crisis, seems to have a crush on Nick, slept with Jeremy(?)

Catherine - Lawyer chick

I guess it must be the bank robber? I can’t think of a name for him at all.

From the official site:[ul][li]Nick Cavanaugh (Tim Daly), police detective[]Malcolm Jones (Chi McBride), branch manager[]Kathryn Hale (Kim Raver), Assistant D.A.[]Jeremy Kates (Scott Wolf), surgeon []Lizzie Miller (Jessica Collins), hospital social worker and Jeremy’s girlfriend[]Egan Foote (John Billingsley), suicidal nebbish []Eva Rios (Lourdes Benedicto), bank teller[]Franny (Camille Guaty), Eva’s younger sister, bank teller []Felicia Jones (Dana Davis), Malcolm’s daughterLucas Dalton (Owain Yeoman), one of the two bank robbers[/ul]Interestingly, that’s ten; the “nine” of the title seems to refer to the survivors, though the ads had me believing all nine were hostages (that may still be true to a degree given Lucas’ relationship with his brother). Although I’d say we can be fairly certain we’ll see more of Eva in the flashback scenes.[/li]
I thought they did a good job setting up and differentiating the characters. Now we’ll have to see how the story of what actually happened plays out.

Thanks for the list, Quixotic. IMDB didn’t seem to have it, and I didn’t think to go to ABC.

When Malcolm was returning to his job, I couldn’t help thinking that I would simply have to get another line of work–or at least a transfer to another bank.

I thought the pilot was good, but I can’t see an entire season of this. It seems the idea is better suited to a movie or mini-series.

I am so on the fence about this show.

First of all, I just don’t see how this can last an entire season, or even multiple seasons. There just doesn’t seem to be enough story here, especially since they opted to tell it in flashbacks rather than doing it 24-style. How many secrets can they cram into it? When the bank manager’s wife asked “what happened to her in there?” I was expecting him to reply with “keep watching, and you’ll find out around March”.

On the other hand, I didn’t think Prison Break’s premise could last longer than about 6 episodes, and now it’s one of my favorite shows!

It also worries me that they chose this timeslot, as the networks KNOW that putting a new show on after a hit show (and ABC only has 4 of them!) with guarantee ratings just because people are too lazy to change the channel, which makes me suspicious that they don’t think it can carry itself.

I’ll give it another episode or two to see if I still CARE what happened in there.

He played himself on “Roswell” so I kept expecting him and Jonathan Frakes to audition an alien who can heal people for “Enterprise.” :slight_smile:

Anyway, they played the first two episodes last night on CTV here in Toronto and I was underwhelmed by it all, but I’ll give it one more chance next Tuesday.

Apparently this is another show that we Canadians get a day early. My quick review of the second episode is that it was fine, but it still feels kind of empty. It seems a bit like the whole show is just denoument for an action movie we haven’t seen yet.