Kiefer Sutherland Signs On For Thee More Seasons Of 24

Hope that wasn’t a spoiler for those of you wondering if he will live through this season. News Report. I did enjoy a recent episode where Jack asked how many terrorists were in the building…Chloe answered, “ten” and Jack nodded, “OK”…I mean, 10 to one odds, Jack is good.

So, according to my brother, the local Arizona newspaper quoted the Kiefer is doing another three seasons of 24 for $40 million. “Not bad for three days work.”

Word on the street is that he’s in the middle of discussing a movie spinoff deal… tenatively titled:



That’s $ 9, 259.00 per minute.

Take a pee, make ten grand. What a life. :wink:

The unfortunate thing is that, nearly five full days in, we have yet to see that he’s had time to take a pee…

Of course he signed on. He knew if he didn’t, millions of innocent people will die!

His enemies track him using the puddles of urine he leaves on the ground.

Hmmm. I almost wonder if this announcement could be part of a disinformation campaign. After all, they couldn’t really ‘surprise’ us by killing off Bauer if everyone knew he wasn’t signed up for another season or two. So what better way to throw viewers off track by making a big public announcement that Sutherland has signed on for three more seasons and the, whammo, kill him off halfway through the next one.

Or maybe not. But I have heard that Keifer is sick of the show and wants to get his movie career going again.

I understand your point, but I don’t think it’ll work. Hollywood treats film and TV production like a commodity, and futures and options for projects are critical years in advance. I presume the producers of 24 are getting great mileage out of guaranteeing their hit show will run another three seasons, and using that to line up other projects that’ll keep 'em in gravy for the next ten years. If it was a bluff, it’d fall apart as soon as they tried lining up a deal for 2008 and someone pointed out “Are you going to have time to work on my Titanic sequel? I just read you were committed to 24.” Since nobody in Hollywood can keep a secret, it’d be all over the net in minutes.

Normally I’d agree with you. But I’m frankly amazed at how well the producers of shows like *24 * and *Lost * and whatnot manage to keep plot twists and other surprises a secret.

I get the distinct impression they keep the plot twists of those shows a secret by “making it up as they go along”. The big suprise ending of the episode or season can’t be leaked on the Internet if nobody had thought it up until the day before they filmed it.

Sure, becuase all concerned have a financial interest in doing so. But if Keifer Sutherland’s agent starts scouting around to line up 2007 and 2008 projects for his client and by doing so makes it obvious that he’s not going to be committed to future seasons of 24, the secret’s blown.

That’s certainly true in the case of Lost. Unfortunately, it shows. That’s why I stopped watching it.

Slight hijack of my own thread, but I once knew a guy who worked on a daytime soap opera. There is a simple reason they can keep plot twists secret…the actors don’t get the scripts until the last minute.

At least on the soap, there is a “bible” that only the head writer and the producer have access to. It contains story outlines stretching years in advance. For example, if there is a new character, Tiffany, on the show this week, they already know that by the end of the year, she will be married to Biff, and by the end of next year, their baby will be kidnapped and at the end of three years, Tiffany will turn out to be Biff’s ex-college roommate who had a sex change and really stole the baby from a hospital and…well, you get the idea. They don’t have scripts finished (writers get little snippets of where the story is going, but also don’t have all the facts) but they know exactly where the stories are going years in advance. The only glitch in this plan is when an actor actually dies, or is fired unexpectedly and even then, in soaps, they just hire someone else to fill in for the character and they are back to their original story plan.

Can’t guarantee that Lost or Desperate Housewives or 24 has a “bible” that stretches that far out, but they probably have something close to it.

He’s not the only one. It was all downhill after Season 1, IMO.