My wife is an addict of the TV series 24, and watched the second season, and reruns of the first (which we didn’t have cable during) faithfully.

She’s seen absolutely no news regarding whether there will be a third season of the program. One would think if it were being terminated, there’d at least be an announcement about it, while if it’s going to be on this fall, they’d be beginning promos.

Does anyone know the status of it?

I saw an interview with Keifer Sutherland after he was nominated for an Emmy, and said that they’re knee-deep in Season Three filming.

Fox has baseball playoffs this year. And maybe the World Series. So their fall schedule isn’t starting for a long time. Except O.C., which is starting right now so they can get some of it in before baseball.

That would explain why no promos yet.

There IS a third season. It starts October 28.

Spoilers ahoy!: http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=15780


I was going to post the same link as N9IWP, but I will add that you should beware.

It is MAJOR SPOILERS in the link.

Principal Wood from Buffy is going to be both Palmer’s assistant and brother? Wow, they love to use Mutant Enemy people in their shows, having used Daniel Dae Kim last year

Sorry, can you explain me what 24 is about? They don’t air it here in my place.

82 days.


Grousser : 24 is a US action/suspense series, each episode (of 45 min’s) is one hour in a day telling the story. There have been 2 seasons aired, the first is about an assasination attempt against a presidential candiate and the second a terrorist plot to detonate a nuclear bomb. Keifer Sutherland is the main character, who as an anti-terrorist intelligence agent attempts to stop the baddies and save his incident prone family, but the story is shown from many other view points. The main hook of the series is the cliff-hangers that every episode ends on, compelling you to keep watching.

Damn, how many “bad days” can one guy have?

Frankly, the whole business with basically SKIPPING OVER the whole aftermath of the poisoning of President Palmer and taking up the series two years later is inexcusably bad plotting. I am not sure I will be watching season three because what I’ve heard about it so far sounds irredeemably lame.

Give em a chance. Nina will die someday, and it’s worth watching Elisha Cuthbert trip and fall and land on the Titanic when it sinks (only to be saved at the last minute by a talking bear named “Chip” - who she then sleeps with), just to see that icy bitch Nina get her throat ripped out “Road House” style by Jack, which he should of done in the garage at the end of season 1 anyway. I really don’t like her (but it feels so good).

Plus it sounds like they are upping the stakes. Day 1 - One target (Palmer). Day 2 - Millions of targets (The population of LA and the Middle Eastern countries which shall not be named). Day 3 - Billions of targets (a global plague). Could be good. And I have no problem with Palmer living as long as the point wasn’t to kill him. Mandy doesn’t fuck up (if she wanted him dead he should be dead). It could just have been a message to give em a little taste of the new chem/bio weapons the evil German syndicate has developed. A warning shot if you will, to be followed by a demand - wait for it - FOR 100 BEELION DOLLARS!!!

DaLovin’ Dj

Oh, thanks for reminding me of yet another loose plot end they left lying around…the whole business with what Jack whispered to Nina. Now, TWO YEARS LATER, when it’s totally meaningless, we may find out…

I really hope they tell us what he said, but I suspect that may be a case of the old “What’s in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction?” to which Tarantino answers “Whatever you want/think.” Kinda like the Bathroom shells in “Demolition Man”.

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