Kill Bill 1 & 2 @ the Fox Theatre

OK, OK, I should have posted this BEFORE the event. Did any fellow dopers catch Kill Bill 1 and 2 at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta on Sunday night?

It was great. I watched oth features for $7.00, plus we got to sing along with Mighty Mo the Theatre Organ, and we saw a cartoon before the flick.


No fair!

Your telling us about a cinematic event that we missed out on has inspired me to invent a new term.

Enright3, you are a Flick-Tease!

Now that this phrase has revealed itself to me I realize that I, myself, have been a Flick-Tease on more than one occasion. Living in L.A. I get to see a lot of movies before the rest of the country. (You know how every year there’s one or two movies that get nominated for an Academy Award and you think “How did that get nominated? Didn’t that movie just come out this February???”) Well, those films get nominated because they play either N.Y. or L.A. for a week in December then go into wide release closer to Awards time. I like to go see those movies in December in L.A. then call all my movie fan friends in other parts of the country and say, “Wow! Have you seen SuchAndSuch? Ohmygod! it was so good! I can’t believe you haven’t seen it yet!” This is probably the height of Flick-Teasery.

So, it takes one to know one- and, Enright3, you are a Flick-Tease! :smiley:

Wow, before I let this thread die the quick death it’s destined for, I have to say, I think I found a potential sig line!

E3 the FlickTease ~sigh~ :frowning:

Glad to be of service. :smiley:

Damn it! I love the Fox, but haven’t made it to any of the summer movies. A couple of years ago they showed 2001, my favorite movie; probably my last chance to see it properly, projected on a big screen in its 70mm glory, and I was too weak from chemo to make it. Poor pitiful me.

Seriously, any Atlanta Dopers – you owe it to yourself to attend something at the Fox sometime. The men’s room alone is worth the trip.