Atlanta Dopers: Listen up!

My next regularly-scheduled tour of the Fox Theatre is this Saturday, January 27th, at 10 a.m.

The cost is a meager $5.

Street parking can usually be found, and they don’t check the meters on Saturdays.

It’s about 90 minutes. Probably the most entertaining and informative 90 minutes you will ever invest.

spoke-, mouthbreather, Mullinator, TubaDiva, Professor and Mary Ann, I expect you all to be there.



Saturday’s at 10 AM are unfortunately reserved for Mully time. Also, I will be in another state. That could make the commute somewhat difficult. As a bonus, you now have a non-self induced reply.

Thanks for responding at least, Mullinator.

This is my last bump, I promise.

This is the first I’ve seen of this.

Being downtown at 10 am on a weekend, sheesh…I dont even get to work that early.

However, I’ll talk it over with the lady. We might make it.

In all humility, mouthbreather, you’ll be glad you did. This is one of the things I do extremely well. Ask David Deriso for a testimonial.

What’s the cutoff time for tickets, Five? If my 11 yr old is feeling well enough tomorrow (sinus infection), I’d like to take him through the tour.


I usually show my tourists in through the door to the Grand Staircase pretty soon after ten, usually not later than 10:05 (really, the optimal time to arrive is about ten to ten). Hope to see you and the young 'un.

Oh, the Irony. How the cruel mistress Fate mocks me. How Santa Claus throws lawn darts at me. Well, maybe scratch that last part.

Due to database follies, I wound up working from 8.30am until 5 on saturday.

Please make it known when your next tour is.

As it happened, mouthbreather, you didn’t miss anything: as so often happens, the Fox management canceled the tours for that day because the children’s show “Bear in the Big Blue House” was starting at 10:30. So I didn’t get to do the tour even for those people who showed up.

I’ll let you know (I’ll let you ALL know) about the next one.

Hi Five! (Heh heh.) (Sorry about that. Yet another reason to change your user name).

Not that I’m complaining mind you since we went over and had a great day at Fernbank when we found out the tour was cancelled, but does the Fox ever give more than a few hours notice when they cancel? We’d still like to do the tour, but I’d rather not find out when we get there whether it’s going to happen.

xenophon41, I’m sorry you went to the trouble when the tour was cancelled.

Historically I’ve had little to no notice when a tour was to be cancelled; communication between the Atlanta Preservation Center and the Fox management is poor, to say the least.

However, on Saturday after the tour was cancelled I got something I’ve never had before, which is a synopsis of the Fox’s schedule for the next several months, with the times as well as the dates of upcoming events, so I should have better information in the future.

I’ll start a new thread in the last week before my next tour. Look for it!