Kill Bill: couldn't Sofie's loss have looked better? (unboxed spoiler in the OP)

The stumps of severed legs looked pretty good.
The stumps of the various henchmen’s arms looked good.
Liu-bot’s scalped head looked good.
Lots of the severed body parts were done with digital special effects, so why did Sofie’s severed arm look obviously like she had her arm behind her back inside her dress?
Given how good everything else looked, couldn’t this have looked better?

Knowing Tarantino, it was probably done badly as an homage to some no-budget seventies action movie.

Unboxed spoiler in the title I think you mean…

What, Otto, you thought Sofie was gonna win, that the protagonist would die halfway through the movie? :slight_smile: The only spoiler there is that there’s a character in the movie named Sofie (and another, incidentally, named Bill).

One of the geniuses of the movies is that Tarantino can point to any flaw in it and say, “I MEANT to do that!” For at least half the flaws, he’s probably telling the truth; for the other half, I let him slide on sheer chutzpah.


Well, some things are so blatantly obvious, and could have been done so blatantly better, so I tend to give the man the benefit of the doubt… as long as he shuts his trap. GOD, listening to him talk is so annoying! Good thing I never listen to Director’s Commentary…

Just shut up and lemme enjoy your art, Quentin!

back onto the topic of Sophie and her ‘loss’

[spoiler] I felt we were supposed to assume some further mutilation had gone on after the fight at the resturaunt. Like maybe Sophie lost both arms, and or maybe even both legs as punishment for something (I can’t recall, but why was Sophie singled out for such treatment?).

How do others feel about this? There was a lot made about the mutilation and such and there seemed to be a lot implied, but… [/spoiler]

…maybe I’m reading WAAAAAY too much into it.

what’s thought?

Sophie was singled out for not having the courage to be a combatant – The Bride doesn’t have much tolerance for buerecrats it seems. That last shot is framed weird, but we did see Sophie roll down the hill with just the arm gone.

I think I heard that the overseas release of the movie shed some light on that scene… not sure though.

I think she either lost both her arms, or her breasts.