Kill the Fox NFL robot now!

I fucking hate you! Die motherfucker! Die 5 years ago! The taco bell dog is dead. He where’s the beef ladies are dead. Spuds Mckenzie is dead. Why are you still ruining football ever Sunday with your dancing and fucking around looking stupid?

The Bears are losing huh?

It could be worse - it could be voiced by Shannon Sharpe. I’ll take FOX over CBS any day for that very reason.

I’m with you. I hate the thing, too. Almost as much as I hate Faith Hill’s intro to the Sunday Night game. Having said all that, it’s really not pit-worthy.

Yeah. He faith hill intro is bad too. But the robot should go throw itself off a bridge.

Fox uses that robot for all the sports they televise. I always see it during the MLB play-offs and World Series.

On a related note, I really miss NBC’s coverage of the baseball.

God I hate that stupid effing Faith Hill song…

I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that yells at the TV every time I see that stupid CGI robot.

There’s a song?

Terrible as it is, I always watch, just in case she takes off the dress.

I think I respect the Burger King more now.

(The fox robot is not destroyed but that was a good ding from the King)


I hate the stupid robot also. I hope to hell that Fox loses baseball & football broadcasting rights whenever the contracts are up.


I always liked this one:

I can’t see this thread title without thinking of Elmer Fudd.

♫ Kill the wobot! KILL THE WOBOT! ♪

Kill the WO-O-BOT!

There is always that ray of hope isn’t there?

In case you care, the robot has a name.

All hail Cleatus!

If you have any sense, you will not click that link.

ETA: RE that Faith Hill song: DIAF.

Duck Season.

Wobot Season.

Duck Season.

Wobot Season.

Wow. That youtube link was the first time I’ve ever seen it and I’m irritated already. How could anybody think that was good idea?

Now that I know it exists I have this sort of itch in the back of my skull.