Killjoys season 4

A heads-up that it has started, for anyone who watches.

I watch. I’m slowly losing patience though. :frowning: It was more fun as bounty hunters, and is becoming less fun as former bounty hunters against the gooey green aliens.

I quit watching in protest when they canceled dark matter.

The fact that the season started with a flashback episode did not bode well.

I only recently discovered this series and I have to say that it is, at the very least, unpredictable. I had my doubts at the beginning of the first season that this was going to be a generic “plucky underdogs against an evil corporation” show but it’s certainly taken several unexpected twists. And shown a willingness to brutally and abruptly kill off secondary characters.

A mixed season 4 overall. Spoilers just in case: [spoiler]Dav’s magic anti-green powers barely got used. There was a big old unexpected cliffhanger twist at the end of the season. There was a Magic Child who will probably turn up in Season 5 to save everyone. Presumably the Hullen will go away now that the Green is gone. And with any luck we’ve seen the last of Khylen.

That said, I thought John-Kamen did an excellent job of being two completely different people, the various secondary characters were given interesting things to do before they died (or didn’t), and the willingness not to have a happy(-ish) ending for every episode unlike most sci-fi series meant that you couldn’t assume much about what was going to happen beyond the three main characters surviving.[/spoiler]All in all, I liked it.

I thought the season was fine, but the best bit was when they were slagging on sequels and how (other than porn) they were never as good as the original. I assume that was filmed right around when Antman and the Wasp was being released.

For the almost nobody that seems to watch this, a bump to mention that the 5th season has started.

Thanks for the heads-up.

I look forward to the next Biggerer Bad. The entire show has been an escalation of malign forces and forces behind those forces ad infinitum: it’s the RAC, no, it’s the Company manipulating the RAC, no, it’s the Nine Families manipulating the Company, no, it’s the Hullen, no, it’s Aneela, no, it’s The Lady, yadda yadda yadda. So presumably there will be something behind this latest evil that will be revealed at some point.

Or maybe we’ll go full circle and it will turn out Dutch is really behind it all.

The first two episodes have been pretty good, actually. It helps that they’ve been leaning more on character interactions (the show’s strong point) and less on mythology and technobabble (its Achilles heel).