Kim Jong Il, this is a new low!

Sure, you are a stupid, short, egotistical, spoiled, uneducated, vile, wicked killer. Sure you let your people starve and imprison those who dissent.

But…this is disgusting!

Kim Jong Il having to buy counterfeit products to give as gifts.

I’ve been to both the current and old Silk Street in Beijing. I wouldn’t call the new one cramped. The old one(an actual street) was cramped.

I will admit, most of the stuff there is top quality fake.

Cut him some slack–he’s so ronery

Phew! I was afraid you were going to say he changed his fetching hairstyle.

I watched a National Geographic documentary (available on Netflix instant watch, if interested) it was astounding. A, perhaps, Nepalese doctor performs a thousand of surgeries to remove cataracts, restoring vision to people who hadn’t seen in years.

Their bandages were removed in such a way that the first thing they saw was a picture of the great leader. And then they all sobbed, giving him their eternal thanks for the marvelous gift of eyesight. Meanwhile, the humanitarian doctor is all ‘…um?’

Were I the penis of a horse, I would thrust myself down Kim Jong Il’s throat so as to ruin it for breathing.

That story must be a lie. The only clothing allowed is knock-off Chairman Mao suits.

How dare you say such things about Best Korea!

You know as well as I do that those things were invented and perfected by him, everybody else just stole his ideas and are making inferior knock-offs. He’s merely checking their quality so that he can tell his people how much better his originals are.

I saw the same documentary, and was astounded by exactly the same thing. That doctor and his team did some enormous number (100? 500?) of surgeries a day for two weeks straight, and after the bandages came off, the patients could see everything BUT the doctor it seemed.

It looks like the heavens still favor Kim, as a ‘big and bright halo’ floated above Mt Paektu, revered by North Korea as the sacred birthplace of leader Kim Jong-il, to mark his birthday on Wednesday.

Bet there were tons of witnesses, too.

I’ve seen it and it streams on Netflix. Very interesting, but not as interseting as “State of Mind”, which also streams on Netflix.

I’d sob too, if that were the first thing I saw.

Except one of them proclaimed, “Oh, dear leader, I will get a gun and kill every American I see!”

Uh, the dude that restored your sight is an American. That doesn’t seem fair. :slight_smile:

Basically, the UN gave N. Korea a bunch of advanced equipment for treating cataracts(I think). However, no N. Korean eye doctors are trained to use them. The American eye doctor went to N. Korea, did 1000 eye surgeries in 10 days or so and also trained the N. Korean staff on how to use it.

Gee, how nice of the “dear leader” to let him do that. :rolleyes: