Kinda Brings New Meaning to Alan Shepard's Famous Quote

You know, “Let’s light this candle.” It seems some shuttle astronauts were “lit” before liftoff.

While I agree that astronauts shouldn’t be drunk at the controls, I disagree with NASA not allowing them to take booze up there with them. I can’t think of anything that’d be more fun (other than sex) to do when you’re weightless.

I dunno man, I can sum this as being a bad idea in two words:

“Weightless vomit”

Hey, you know the astronaut’s code: “If you can’t hold your lunch, you’re a groundhog!” I don’t see anything in there that says your lunch can’t be liquid. :smiley:

Maybe they figured if anything REALLY went wrong, they’d be toast anyway. Sitting atop that monster rocket --in a craft that has disintegrated more than once – would scare the sh*t out of anyone. A drink or three before dying? Totally inexcusable, but I think I can understand. If your astronauts are human, things like this happen.

“I’m Mishsish Neshbit!”

I don’t understand how they let them launch if the flight surgeons knew they’d been drinking, and posed a “flight safety risk.” They go to such extremes to check all the mechanics, and then they let them take off while intoxicated? That just seems crazy. Lisa Nowak is nothing in comparison.

This whole story is unbelievable. As in, not believable.

According to a BBC radio interview with a former astronaut, he says it’s flatly impossible that this could have happened. NASA’s supposed to have a press conference today, so presumably we’ll find out what the deal is.