Kingly Words (kind of)

“I would like to be the stuffed animal in your life.”

"Having a color similar to that of a clear unclouded sky on the interior split of the hide in footwear.’

Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine is “dating” a homeless man:

“Elaine, you’re the bear claw in the garbage bag of my life.”

“I desire you, I require you, I am amorous for you.”

“Show me affection in a gentle way.”

“I am a reasonably large-sized particle of flaming feelings of attachment.”

Twenty-nine years later, still the King. :smiley:

I am unable to prevent myself from producing dopamine in your presence

OK, who’s been running Elvis through the legalspeak translation program?

And, where’s the link?

Oooooooohhhhhhhhh. Jeebus, I was having no luck at all making any sense out of this thread. Now it all comes together for me.
“We can’t continue with one another with brains lacking in trust.”

I am currently feeling a strong amorous attachment, and am in a state of emotional excitement.

Bee-vomit, refrain.

I am severely vibrated.

I have heard that there is a great deal of vibration occurring at this moment in time.
Geez…sounds like Commander Data trying for 50s cool… :cool:

You are nothing more than a depressed canine bred primarily for hunting purposes.

What splendorous depths of illusion seep in to beguile and befuddle, acting at no man’s behest to make seem your intelligence, quite amazing and probable.

You would be ill-advised to interfere with, disturb, fold, spindle or mutilate anything connected with the official Postal Service of the United States of America.