Fuck it, I'm choking my chicken

That little bastard just struts around the coop all damn day clucking and crowing anyway. He’s destined for the stewpot and no mistake.

I feel you. I’m having the same problem with my Bishop. Son of a bitch thinks he is God’s gift to the world. I’m thinking about flogging my bishop.

Just make sure that while seasoning it you beat your meat really well.

And Other Euphemisms.

Ok, the way you’d play that would be more along the lines of, “Man, I’ve really got to use the euphamism.”

I first heard that one from some smartass form the Lollipop Guild just before he spun around on his heel and knocked me upside the head with his all-day sucker. We got into a bit of a scuffle and I ended up punching the munchkin.

It’s threads like this that really make me wrestle with my manhood.

So I’m at this Halloween party last weekend, and this jerk dressed like something of the Odyssey just takes my hat! I go to grab it back, and he won’t let go, so right there in the middle of the party I had a tug of war with cyclops.

Somebody pull the fireman in here, this thread is hot!



I did a couple of pencil drawings, now I figure that was one too many. Guess I’ll just go rub one out.

You called for me? I was busy polishing the probe…

Man this thread makes no sense whatsoever.

That’s what I get, I guess. I had a rough day, I just got home and dried off, then I check the dope to see what’s going on in the world of electrons and pixel, and I find this thread which makes no sense to me at all. A weird end to a weird day. Man, that’s the last time I volunteer to wax the dolphin.

Larry King really annoys me. I have half a mind to go on his show, and right on national television, start telling the jerk King off!

Hell yeah!

We won’t let him in OUR circle. Jerk!

Is this an addition to your spuz volume thread?

I hate to bring it up, since this is just about the only thread that isn’t about the economy or politics, but I think I’m going to go shake hands with the unemployed.

this thread is all about tooting your own horn

I’ve recently been inspired by the way that ducks, especially those with ducklings, hold themselves in arguments during Catholic religious services. I’ve decided to emulate their behaviour and start Mass debating like a mother duck.

Think I’ll go squeeze the weasel. The damn thing’s been driving me crazy!

It has been a rough day, a rough week in fact. Here I am at home, relaxing in front of the computer, and I’m fucking starving. I think I’ll go into the kitchen, cut the cheese, slap the salami on a piece of white bread, relax and take a load off.