"Kings" Pulled From Sunday Line Up; Last 8 Episodes Moving To Saturdays

Just as I predicted, if I like a show it will be canceled.
Luckily, they are still going to show the first season - just moving it from Sundays to Saturday nights.

Too bad, but again - at least we get to see the first season, though I doubt it will end in a satisfying manner and, again my luck, will probably end with an unresolved cliff-hanger.

I have to wonder if NBC even wanted this show to be good. A deeply-involved drama, on Sundays at 8 PM?

HBO and Showtime seem to do well with dramas on Sunday nights.

Dammit I just started watching! At least they’re sticking with the rest of the season, I guess.

They don’t need to deal with advertisers or network censors.

Hmm. Well, given that Saturdays are a write-off for the networks anyway, this probably assures that we’ll at least get the whole season, thank goodness. I’m sure the creators will have a legitimate stopping point at the end of the season, even if it is a cliffhanger. They had to know it was going to be a tough slog with material this complex and different from what’s expected from the hour drama.


They didn’t mind it being good as long as they could be sure it wouldn’t last.

I have to just stop liking shows; they all get cancelled prematurely.
Firefly New Amsterdam, The Inside, Kings… bye bye

Sounds like one of those “Dynasty” evening soaps.

Give me Columbo or McCloud.

Jesus, this shit!

[dana carvey] "We didn’t have “Kings” when I was a boa! We had “Maverick” , “Cheyenne”, and “The Rifleman”!

And we liked it!"

[/dana carvey]

Hell, I don’t even watch network tv anymore.

Why is that, do y’all think?

The very LAST tv show I paid any attention show to, was MAS*H…

A doctor friend let me borrow Seasons I-III of “Seinfeld”, and I said “so what?”

Have I ascended into the “ozone”? :slight_smile:


While I’m watching Kings because it was an attempt to do something different and interesting on network TV, the reality is that the execution isn’t all that good. There are three huge problems. David is a stiff. The plots are sheer soap opera. Everything happens as slowly and as portentously and as allegorically as possible.

This show most resembles Dirty Sexy Money’s first season. You have the incredibly rich powerful family dynasty getting into scrapes and the outsider coming in and getting involved in everybody’s business. The soap opera was better served, the acting was far superior (except for Ian McShane), and the show had a wonderful sense of humor that Kings totally lacks. The writing on that show was a level above the bilge on Kings. The actors can barely say the sentences. They’re meant to be declaimed rather than spoken. Maybe they need to be block printed with an exclamation point at the end, like in comic books.

So while I’m somewhat disappointed this didn’t work, I’m not surprised. This isn’t the failure of different quality network tv. It’s the failure of different mediocre network tv.