Kinks bassist Jim Rodford joins the Zombies. R.I.P

He was a very good bassist. You’ll hear Rodford on dozens of albums.

Rodford was very supportive of local bands and played with them whenever he wasn’t touring.


Some background on Rodford and The Zombies. He was friends with them long before the band formed. He eventually joined for the reunion tours .

Argent was an incredible rock band. Check out Hold Your Head Up. Rodford is kicking ass and taking names with that bass part.

Gotta say - at very first glance, thread title made me think Rodford was joining a re-unified Zombies. Sure, the “R.I.P.” immediately tipped me off to what the thread is about - it’s just too bad you had to pick a word that was also a sixties band (and the fact that, for some reason, you decided to capitalize it, further creating the immediate impression it could be the band).
Anyway, a nitpick - no need to further acknowledge it.

Always remembered the iconic stamps he put onto the beginnings of “Time of the Season” and “Hold Your Head Up”.


I’m sure that was deliberate. And, not completely inaccurate. From the OP’s link:

Did he ever play with the Kast off Kinks? I saw Kast off Kinks at the Cavern Club in Liverpool last year and really enjoyed the show.

Yes, according to the second post’s link.

Nitpick in the service of honoring great musicians: It was Chris White who was the original Zombies bassist on Time of the Season. He also wrote 7 of 12 songs on Oddessey and Oracle. Even though they’re not the “hits,” it’s one of the best LPs of all time.

Resurrecting this zombie thread to note that Kinks keyboardist Ian Gibbons died a couple of weeks ago. :frowning: