Kinks fans!! Please participate in a research survey for a book project

Hallo, all!

The mods have given me their kind permission to ask a bit of a favour from Straight Dope participants.

I’m working on a book The Kinks: An English Working Band (tentative title from the publisher), to be published (again, tentatively!) in early 2016 by Scarecrow/Tempo Press. More information on this music series can be found here

I’d like feedback from fans for a chapter on fandom, audience, and influence of the works and performance of the Kinks 1964-1996 . Iff you have comments to make about individual encounters and performances of their solo work, that will be considered as well.

Email me at @ (take out the spaces in the email address). I’ll send to you a copy of the survey as a Word document with instructions about returning it.

I will be sending surveys through to 31st March 2014; any email request received after that will not be answered. Do please have your surveys sent back to me by 30th April 2014.

I will get the survey to you asap, but do please keep in mind I’m working on my own and have a full time job!

Thanks so much! And many thanks to those who have helpied me to get the word out about my project.

With kind regards,
ms boods

Cool. I’m a Kinks fan in the sense that they’re one of my favorite bands; I have, and still enjoy listening to, their albums; and I would certainly be interested in reading your book when it’s finished.

But I’m not a part of “fandom”: I never attended any live performances, nor met anyone connected with the band, nor anything like that.

Hi – the survey questions can be answered by anyone who likes the group & their music, whether they’ve attended a live performance, or not. It’s also not limited to anyone who is connected to the band or is part of ‘fandom’ (however that’s defined!)

The questions are mostly about why one likes the group, favorite/meaningful songs, what [to you] makes the Kinks a distinctive band compared to others, stuff like that.

I’ve had about 60 responses from the other places I’ve placed the survey request, and it would be great to have an even 100. 98% of the replies have been from men – I’m sure there must be some female Kinks’ fans out there!

I see loads of people have looked at this thread, but no one’s asked for a survey. How strange, as music threads about bands here get pretty lively and thoughtful!

Ah well.

I’ll ping you. I saw the Kinks several times from 1979-1983. There were plenty of women in the audience. Including the time Ray said “show us your tits” and there was quite a lot of flashing going on. IIRC Oakland CA, fall 1980.

Thanks! Got your email, survey sent.

I know there are many female fans; it’s just struck me as interesting as the now 70 or so requests for surveys have come, with two exceptions, from men.

HA! Last live band I saw was The Kinks, in 1988. Female. I’ll send you an email. I love surveys!

Thanks! I’m away for a couple of days, but I’ll be back on my email by Wednesday evening, GMT.

If you’re looking for female fans, track down a San Francisco band called the Minks. They’re basically a Kinks tribute band, and they’re all women. I saw them in SF a couple of times (once right before a Ray Davies concert!), and they’re a lot of fun. I’m sure they have a web site, or at least a Facebook page.

They had a slogan on their posters – “Just like the Kinks, but less ladylike.”

I emailed you about the survey.

This is not the thread I’d hoped it would be.

Email sent. Not sure how well I remember the gigs I saw in the 70s, but…there was one show ('77 Winterland?) where the band seemed more drunk than I was.

Hi there – could you explain what you expected? It’s ok by me if people would like to chat about the Kinks in this thread (and why not).

Thanks everyone who’ve written and asked for a survey; I look forward to your responses.

saintly loser - top tip; I’m familiar with the Minks, but it would certainly be worthwhile chasing them up, if possible.

I think the poster was referring to the other definition of “kinks”. :wink:

Email sent.

I have a question for you, Ms Boods–have you seen Geoff Edgers’ film “Do It Again”? I didn’t get a chance to catch it on the film fest circuit, and it seems that it will never be released commercially because Ray won’t grant permission to use the music.

He he he – so sorry to disappoint, panache45!

blondebear I have seen it, yes; it was screened at the Pop Culture Association national meeting in Boston (2012). One of my Kinks’ colleagues gained permission to show it; unfortunately G. E. was unable to attend as I think he’d planned to do a Q & A.

I should have taken a tape recorder to the Union Chapel last night as once people found out I was the person doing the surveys (a couple of the Kinks’ sites have graciously been promoting my work), loads of people wanted to give me input.

I may end up doing a follow up, as there is a distinct divide so far between UK and non-UK respondents in one particular area; I’ll have to see how things tally up at the end of the collection period.

Loads of people have asked for surveys, and with luck will send them back!

Request sent. I saw them 6 times in the 1980s, and had 2 tours cancelled on me - UK Jive tour had ads announcing an on-sale date in the LA Times, but the tickets never went on sale, causing much confusion at my neighborhood Music+ Ticketmaster outlet. I had tickets for the Phobia tour show in Los Angeles, which was first postponed several months before being completely cancelled.

Many thanks! You should have it by now as I’m trying to send bits out asap when I’m not going ‘grr’ at students (big due date for my Year 2s tomorrow).

Hi folks,

A bump as the deadline for requesting surveys is 31st March.

Over one hundred responses so far, yay. Thanks!

Make sure you come back and bring pie

Believe me, I will be very happy to reanimate this thread in early 2016 (target date for publication). :slight_smile: