Ms. Boods, You Are Terrific!

That’s all. Just wanted you to know I think you are wonderful person and I appreciate your communications regarding the Davies Brothers (otherwise known as The Kinks), and for even taking the trouble to write me.

We may never meet in person, but I believe in telling a person when he or she has made an impression on me, and that is the purpose of this thread.

You also have a wonderful way of writing. I could just imagine you sitting across from me, that is how visual your e-mails were.

I hope I brought as big smile to your face as you did to mine.



PS: I know this isn’t a chatroom mods, so please excuse me if this was a transgression of the rules. Thanks!

Well, I’ll just tip my beer to both of you, because I absolutely love the Kinks. I think they were as important as the Beatles, Stones, Who, etc. Cheers!