Kiss my XX Chromosomes, bucko!

A vagina by any other name would smell as sweet.

And I’d love to kiss your XX any time. :slight_smile:


I am proud to say that playing with He-Man as a kid did not warp my self-image … or playing with Skeletor, for that matter.

I have only two things to add.

  1. All women are beautiful, some just haven’t realised it yet.

  2. I never tasted a vagina I didn’t like.

  3. Hi Opal!

Nuff said.

I can’t speak knowledgably about anyone else’s vagina but my own.

I will, however, say that some of the most amazing women I’ve met have been on this board. And we shouldn’t need a special day to recognize that.

::MsRobyn raises her clenched fist in a salute of solidarity, not caring that she hasn’t shaved in a while::


You shave your fist?? Wow.


Well, as a father of a little girl who will doubtless grow up to see such magazines in the grocery line I share your concern but I have a question and a comment.

In the numbers above I can see a few possible ‘stats warping’ possibilities here.
First, models could weigh less as a percentage of ‘average’ woman weight because the average woman weighs more today. I’d think this would dovetail well with the popular ‘America is getting too fat!’ hype. True or false? Who knows.

And, as it just now occured to me, that the ‘enlarging of America’ could also account for the 1 in 4 women having an eating disorder statistic. It’s customary for the term ‘eating disorder’ to mean one that leads the sufferer to lose weight or obsess about weight, but I think the most common one is less recognized: the compulsion to eat through habit or the need for comfort, if you get what I mean.

I don’t think it’s fair to assign all your anger on the magazines (and other media). I’ve been in publishing for too damn long and I can honestly tell you that the magazines I work for go where the readers are. I don’t want to blame the victim here, but if suddenly magazines about women who weighed 135 lbs and had B cup bra sizes started jumping off the racks you’d see a surge in magazines devoted to them and the ads would reflect it. The simple truth is that advertising reflects what works. Ultra skinny models move more lipstick or dresses or what have you. I don’t think it’s healthy, but it’s true. So save some of that disgust for the conflicted buying patterns of American women.

And a last observation (sorry for the length of this):
As previously mentioned I’ve been in publishing for a while and one thing has always puzzled me:

Men’s magazine covers: scantily clad women.
Women’s magazine covers: scantily clad women.

You have no idea how strange that is to a guy.


Andy, you’re hilarious.

I was thinking about posting a Pit thing about PMS. The concept that it’s a DISEASE really pisses me off. I mean, if 50% of the population HAS something, it’s not a fucking illness, right? It’s the human condition. Otherwise, we’d have a disorder called “penis syndrome.”

So…add that to your list and smoke it!


I use my own body as a standard of beauty. If the models are much thinner than me, I tend to find them a bit unattractive.

One thing’s not quite fair, though.

relic_11 got a smooch from Alphagene.

I want one, too.


Also, TV, Movies, media, etc etc etc.

Okay, I know they’re not solely responsible for what’s going on nowadays, and I know there are some out there, probably, who dont pander to this kind of thing, but it seriously bothers me when I see women leafing through these things and getting really depressed because they dont look like these women. And I see it a lot.

No, you dont look like these women. You look like YOU. And trust me, you’re beautiful. If every woman looked like these models it’d be an awfully boring world. Be different! Be yourself! That’s what I say. Fuck magazines, fuck society if they think you’re too different to count. Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em up, down, left, right, backwards, in the ear (ad inifinitum.)

I saw a really cool license plate once; it said BWHO UR. I liked that.

Also, vagina tastes and smells like vagina, not fish. And I likes it that way. Hell, I could live off that stuff. :smiley:
(I’ll stop now before I start ranting and drooling incoherently and go into some SEVERE TMI.)


Jophiel asked:

 I used to have a blurb from Discover magazine tacked on to the 'fridge, featuring the computer-manipulated projection of what the average woman would look like (I think the researcher, Kelly Brownell, used one of his grad students as a template) in Barbie terms. I spent all morning trying to hunt it down online; the info's here:

but, unfortunately, Discover’s archives don’t seem to include the articles’ accompanying pics.

 Anyway, apparently, these results are achieved by keeping Barbie's hip size proportional (She always looked a bit weird and unresolved around the hips to me, anyway). Although the validity of such a method of calculation is debatable, (They nearly won a Dubious Data award for '97,

here: )

I think Mr. Brownell’s data did influence Mattel to subsequently come out with a more realistically-proportioned Barbie. Supposedly. The ones on this side of the pond still look the same to me.

Not to turn this into a parade of “Me, too,” but I will just share that I find Callista Flockhart and her ilk decidely UNsexy. Any fantasies that might otherwise come up are ruined every time I look at her; it looks as though if I went to bed with her, I’d break her by accident. The too-skinny look also feels disturbingly adolescent to me - that was fine, I am sure, when I was an adolescent, but these days I find myself shuddering at the thought of making love with a junior high girl.

So I’m not sure what men, exactly, the market is pandering to. But there’s no hyperbole here: if I had to choose between Lara Flynn Boyle and Camryn Manheim, I’d pick Camryn every time. She looks like she’d be ready for sweaty, enthusiastic fun; Lara looks like a collection of fragile sticks held together by pale skin.

  • Rick

Standing in the checkout line, the one that gets me is magazines like RedBook (or is that the name??) that always has some diet fad headline boldly on the cover, right next to this new wonderful triple chocolate desert or similar.

Yo Folks!!! Mixed Message here…

And on the topic of vaginas here (since it appears to be a recuring theme that must be mentioned), there’s nothing better than the taste of a freshly showered vagina… ya taste nothing but sex.


hmm…tastes like chicken.

Alphagene saith:

You guys really need to listen to Wildest Bill, y’know. If Alphagene is posting smooches in the Pit, the world as we know it must be coming to an end.

(Only partially said in jest…)

Societial standards for women suck - sorry, but they suck more for women than for men. Magazines aren’t as harmless as they seem.

On a personal note. . .I am quite beautiful, even if you don’t think so, even if they don’t think so, even if I don’t think so. . . and my vagina occasionally smells like a vagina rather than a flower bed.

Thank you, andygirl, for this. :smiley:

While the issues about Barbie and women’s mags are more, shall I say, convuluted–that is, there are a lot of issues and a lot of sources, as [Jonathan Chance] and others have pointed out–I think the Vagina Issue :smiley: is pretty clear.

Shame is a pretty horrible foundation for anything: for your self-image, for your impressions of other women, for intimacy–with yourself and with others.

And every joke and snide comment about The Smell perpetuates that. I don’t think I realized how good it was to be free of all that until my lover mentioned to me that I smell and taste different at different times of the month. No value judgement, no snickersnicker. He just talked about it; it has a taste and a smell, he admitted, without bringing up seafood. I wish every gal a fellah or a gal (or both! ;)) as with-it.

Go andygirl! Go women!

And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. :wink:

About the models: yeah, being that skinny ain’t pretty. But you know, I don’t think the clothing designers are looking for beautiful women, because that would upstage the clothes they’re trying to showcase. What they’re looking for is a clothes hanger that walks on its own. Result: the current plague of haughty stick insects walking angrily down runways.

Once you start thinking of models as biological clothes hangers, you can happily ignore them.

andygirl said:

Now, I agree with all this, and I’m not posting to contradict that.

But let me tell you something;

My armpit smells pretty much like an armpit.

And I am ashamed. :frowning:

You should be. I can smell it from here.

Thank god no one’s interested in licking your armpit.