id like the low-down on kissing. everything about doing it, books, websites, magazines. hell, anything. ive done it before but it always feels like i should be doing something different. so, from a peck on the lips to french kissing, what do i do??

Start slow.

Don’t open yer mouth too wide.

Easy on the tongue action at first.

Keep the drool to a minimum.


Sometimes a bunch of little “butterfly” kisses are better than one huge slobery smootch.

Experiment and see what you like.

Nibbling on the libs is good (Not too hard! - If yer drawing blood - that’s too hard!)

Low-down kissing, eh? I’ll leave the joke for someone else.

Just remember that when it comes to kissing, passion doesn’t necessarily have to equate with wet and sloppy. Sometimes maybe, but I don’t want to have to wipe my mouth after every kiss.

In a less IMHO vein: I’ve heard that they do it with their noses in Alaska. :slight_smile:

Kissing is a form of communication, a kind of call and response. You can push the envelope, but make sure you keep in mind what your partner is doing in response to what you are doing.

Be intimate, but don’t be intrusive.

Movin’ to IMHO. - Jill

Try not to sneeze while you are doing it…:slight_smile:

Always remember…practice makes perfect!

Kissing should involve lips, tongue, mouth.
Not tonsils

Kissing should preferably involve more than one person.

You need to cuddle more, and work on your capitalization.

I like long deep wet kisses with alot of passion. The kind that get u going. Oh personal fav is sucking on another mans tounge…it’s so hot…:smiley: :cool:

Kiss someone sexy.

Crackmoo beware of advice on here. hillbilly queen kisses buttholes so her advice stinks like her breath.

Bugger off TDB.


Your name describes you perfectly. Keep up the good work.

Once again, refer to my signature…perhaps you can learn something.

Although I seriously doubt it.