Kitchen Confidential- 9/19

Anyone else watch this? It is a new single camera sitcom from the creator of Sex and The City that follows Arrested Development on Fox.

I was really excited. I was hoping for something edgy and in the spirit of AD and Scrubs.

I was very disappointed in the pilot.

It had cliched characters (especially the inevtiable “will they or won’t they do it” bitchy waitress) and hackneyed plots ( The good review despite the awful experience.)

I did like the main character (he played Will on Alias) and I like the premise of a super chef on his way back up.

But there needs to be a LOT of work done and I hope they made corrections after the pilot. I’ll give it two or three more weeks and then I’ll bail.

If forced to choose between this and the 4-camera sitcom How I Met Your Mother which appears in the same timeslot (My DVR can record two shows at once), I’d go with the CBS laugh track show. It was pretty funny.

Now I enjoyed Kitchen Confidential, although I think they were forced to cram too much exposition into the pilot, and it all felt rushed. I’ll be back, though. It was nice to see Sharona from Monk as the food critic, hot Ms Parker from The Pretender as Bourdain’s girlfriend, and of course Xander from Buffy as Seth the baker. I have a good feeling about it – I am a huge fan of the real-life Bourdain and his nonfiction book Kitchen Confidential, and I’m also fascinated by the behind-the-scenes world of professional chefs and the restaurant industry. It seems like a great setting for a comedy, where plenty of hijinx, mayhem, humor, bonding, stress, and sex can ensue.

Oh, I wasn’t familiar with the lead (Bradley Cooper?) from Alias or anywhere else, but I kept getting a strong John Corbett vibe from him, like it was a role Corbett would have been perfect for, or was possibly even considered for at one point. My roommate’s girlfriend explained to me that Corbett had been a regular on another Darren Star show called Sex in the City, so I wondered if the fictional Bourdain had been written with Corbett in mind.


I liked the premise and the cast of characters.

I just thought the execution was lacking.

But it was just the pilot. We’ll see how the next few episodes go.

I wasn’t thrilled with the pilot. It seemed to just cram in a lot of silly plot points and “wacky” scenarios that bear no resemblence to real life.
I would have loved to have seen something drawn direct from the book. Like the grizzled veteran taking the young chef school graduate to task. In the book, young Tony burned his hand, whined about it, and the vet grabbed a plate directly from under the salamander without a towel to protect him from the heat, just to show him up. That was cool. The grizzled vet goofing around and getting the tip of his finger chopped off, which fell into the food that just happened to get served to the restaurant critic, is just stupid.I’ll give it another week or two.

It has potential. It hasn’t lived up to that potential yet.

The restaurant critic business was really stupid.

There’s no way that result would happen in real life.

So far the only reason worth watching the show is for the cute men. They sure picked some lookers. :wink:

Where do I know the blonde from? The one with the long hair–she may have been the hostess, maybe.

Jaime King. She has been in two comic book movies: Bulletproof Monk (which nobody saw) and Sin City (which everybody should see).

I’m a big fan of Anthony Bourdain, but I didn’t have high hopes for this show. Bourdain’s shtik is giving it to you straight and real, and you just won’t get that flavour from a sitcommy experience. You won’t get the good stuff from people who feel obligated to write jokes and gags and one-liners and 24-minute plots.

I started off liking it but by the end found it a little wearing. I’m willing to give it another shot but not for too long.

I’m a fan of the book but I was disappointed by the show. It lacks all of Bourdain’s real edge, wit and insider knowledge and replaces all that stuff with hackneyed characters, lame dialogue and stupid jokes. I was especially disappointed by the lack of any attempt at realism, something a show based on Anthony Bourdain’s book should strive for first and foremost. None of the staff was believable as restaurant staff and for someone wo’s supposed to be a head chef, the maimn character spent very little time cooking even during the dinner service. I would have liked to a realistic portrayal of the high pressure, hisgh speed grind on the line, the chef swearing at people, the dishes going out, etc. That reality show,Hell’s Kitchen, gave a much more accurate view of what it’s like in a kitchen during a dinner service.

One stupid sight gag that bothered me was when a pushy customer denanded to be seated and then they cut to a shot of her being seated at a table directly in front of the women’s room door- I mean directly in front, like blocking it. So close that the door banged her chair when people came out. It goes without saying that no restaurant would put a table that close to a bathroom door. It was so stupid, so “sitcommy” and so unrealistic that it took me right out of the show. I had high hopes for this but it looks like it’s going to get the network TV treatment. I would have loved to see HBO take this property and really do something with it.

I think it had some rough edges, but most pilots do. Overall I liked it and I’ll keep watching.

Hell’s Kitchen was much funnier than this.

The one thing I did like though was the way the relationship with the girlfriend was handled. I knew of course they’d break up by the end of the pilot but they swerved me with the “I do believe you didn’t just cheat on me.” Comes home after the good review to find a Dear John letter saying “I did believe you but I know that our lives are going to be very different. I love you and believe in you but can’t be with you. Good luck.” Something about that sad but supportive message really impressed.

One of my housemates apparently will be in a future episode as an Oregon hippy who supplies the kitchen with special mushrooms. Hilarity will be had.

I watched it because it’s on after “Arrested Development.” I suppose it may have potential, but it’s written too much like a typical jokey sitcom, and the characters are really clichéd and not very interesting.

Also, how does an ex-con working at a cheap Italian restaurant afford an apartment like that in New York?

I thought it was decent, but it got way too sappy at the end and was not as clever as it could have been (Xander and John Cho were wasted!). Perhaps they noticed Arrested Development’s paltry ratings and decided to dumb things down (a lot of good that did them).

His girlfriend (who I guessed was the owner) might have been helping.

Rent control? Or he could have bought the apartment back when he had money.

it is pretty obvious that they are not allowing bourdain to write for the show. and what’s up with the name change: jack bourdain instead of tony? does the discover channel own the rights to bourdain’s name?

Tony didn’t even know it got picked up by fox and made into a pilot. He first heard about it on an internet message board while on holiday in Dublin.