Kitchen disasters

Crapulshki! :mad:

Today we were going to have an early dinner of chicken cooked in Thai green curry simmer sauce. I cut up two chicken thighs, and sautéed some sliced carrots and chopped onions in a bit of oil. In went the chicken. In went the fresh serrano chili. The rice is cooked. I opened the Trader Joe’s Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce and dumped it in.

Wait a minute… Shouldn’t the lid ‘snap’ when I open it? The ‘button’ on top was down, wasn’t it? Why is the sauce from the top a darker green than the rest? Because it’s been in the cupboard for a long time? Or had the seal been broken? ‘When in doubt, throw it out.’ I repeat: Crapulshki!

So roomie is going to want something to eat before she goes to work. There’s no more simmer sauce. Time to improvise.

I sliced up a couple more carrots, another onion, and a couple of stalks of celery. Can’t go wrong starting off with the Holy Trinity, right? I cubed the remaining two chicken thighs, and also added a couple of breast tenderloins. No garlic. Well, I’ve some garlic powder. And I put about 17 grinds of black pepper in. When the chicken was done, I added soy sauce and mirin. And…

Roomie wanted to wait a bit before she eats, because it’s a short shift tonight and she won’t have lunch. But she did taste my mess, and said, ‘Oh, that’s good!’

Not what I wanted to make, though.