Kitchen Mold Source?

I can remember seeing a 2 part mold [perhaps in tin or tinned some other metal] that produced a shape that looked like a proper roasted chicken, legs, wings and all. It was a life sized version of this silicone soap mold[which would absolutely not do for what I need] It was originally to mold ice cream or something like that.

I want it to shape the faux stuffed bird for Thanksgiving - my version of this one adjusted for allergies and religious preferences.

All I seem to be able to find are the standing live turkeys with tails fanned out molds … or leg/wing segments … while I can see making individual drumsticks of seitan, I want to do what looks like a whole stuffed turkey for presentation purposes although I could buy an inflated plastic roast chicken and the silicone to make my own molds, I would prefer to get something already made.

Like this one?

You could go this route.

I know the kind you’re talking about. It looks like a roasted chicken or turkey. I vaguely remember seeing that as one of those copper molds used for Jello. I think you were supposed to fill it with one of those main dish horrors with a creamy gelatin base and diced turkey and celery mixed in.

They were most likely destroyed when the Baby Boomers who were forced to eat that stuff finally reached adulthood and ran over the molds in their driveways.

Apologies for this 100% unhelpful aside…

Mold is spelt “mould” on these shores. I’m aware of such differences as “tire” (to become fatigued) as opposed to “tyre” (inflated rubber wheel covering) not being replicated overseas, and couldn’t remember the details of mold/mould. Drink has been taken.

I genuinely expected this thread to be about an unwanted hairy growth in your kitchen, about whose origins you wanted advising.

I thought she wanted to use mould to make a sauce.

This sort of thing?

There is something quite disarmingly grotesque about that. I’m not even remotely squeamish, but that’s a bit unsettling.

From the fact that you wear it on a necklace, I assume that it is not life size?

It took me a while to work out what you were talking about.

The reviews in my link talk about ‘necklace’ and ‘pendant’ but they are reviews for the shop, not the item. The same seller ALSO Sells pendants and necklaces. The mould in the link is life size.

Note, though, it is a used item, old and worn, and only 1 available.