Kitten Cam is back!


Currently: Zane cares not for the goings on around him.

Massive action going on at the Fab Five camera!

So cute. We have a 2 cat limit at this point in our lives, but I want another kitten!

Awwww they’re all asleep!

Can kittens do anything wrong?

Just now they were all but one playing fiercely, stalking and pouncing. Then one of them got interested in the camera. We had a brief closeup of kitten face and then “bop!” the camera has now been knocked aside and is showing a wonderful closeup of – I don’t know, maybe the floor? Wicked kitty!

OMG! People have returned, reset the camera, or are trying to, and there are kittens getting ALL in the way! Squeeeee!!

Clay (I think) has fallen asleep slumped over the center column of the cat tree. Another kitty is curled up at his feet.

Squeeee! Kasper and Zane are totally pwning the others!

One of the kitten cams has sound. It’s mostly just rapid galumphing and the occasional thud, but it’s still cute.

Now they’re all very sleepy.

Gina looks exactly like my kitten, Trixie.

Well, their digestive tracts are still immature, and sometimes are not up to handling what kittens will try to eat. Sometimes their widdle kitty tummies can’t even handle kitten food. I’ve cleaned up my share of kitten diarrhea.

In these cases, I remind myself that the kittens are just babies, and are prone to such things. Then I scoop up the offending kitten and play gitchy on it.