Kitten pictures!

As promised, pictures of our new kittens. They’re about two months old, both male (neutered), dark with barely visible strips. My stepsister and her boyfriend (i.e. my roommates) adopted them last Wednesday and named them Cricket and Pickle.

Pickle is fuzzier than Cricket and just a shade lighter; his stripes are more visible (though they don’t show up in the pictures). Cricket is sleek and black; you have to look really hard to see that he has stripes.

Kittttties!!! >>SCL stops to purr quietly at kitties.<<

Lovely kittttties!

I also have a Cricket - mine is a solid black spayed female who came into my life after a run-in with a lawn mower when she was two weeks old. As a result, she only has about 1/2 inch of tail.

She makes up for it in attitude.

Kitten pictures, the antidote to day-before-surgery terror. Adorable!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

very cute!

Do they have grey patches of fur on their legs? One seemed to in pic. 13.

most excellent! grats on having fuzzy things around! :slight_smile:


Right, I forgot to mention that. They both have little shaved patches on their front right leg where they were given shots or something. Also, I just put four more pictures up that I took this afternoon.

Squee! Sweet faces. Have you started calling them Crickle and Picket yet?

Ooh. Your kittens look exactly like my Irving did as a kitten! I’m having kitten flashbacks!

The SDMB needs a kitten forum, and people posting kitten pics should receive free memberships.

hear hear!

Kittens! Squeeeee!
You should send some pics to Here’s my Pixie’s stats! :smiley:

Hey! That’s what I was going to post! :slight_smile:
chanting kitties…kitties…kitties…kitties

Baby kitties! Squeee! :slight_smile:

My Katya, who is lighter in color than Cricket and Pickle, also had faint tabby markings when she was little. They’ve almost completely faded now that she’s grown up. I read somewhere that markings like that are called “ghost tabby” markings.

I should add that, while they are very cute playing with the shoelaces, you want to be careful with anything stringlike around cats. Cats can be very seriously injured or even die from swallowing string.

True, when Erica was a baby and crazy on the 'nip once, I rescued her and had to have the vet carefully remove about 18 inches of shoelace from her throat. She had about a 6-10 inch strand hanging out of her mouth when I found her.

Cricket looks eerily similar to what the fuzzy black land shark in my house used to look like when he was a kitten, so believe me when I tell you from experience that your kitten has a face absolutely bursting with the intent to commit nefarious mischief.

Holy moly is this ever true. Just yesterday I was doing some sewing and didn’t notice when my little terror came up beside me. In the blink of an eye she had about six inches of thread in her mouth and was only milllimeters away from swallowing the needle it was attached to when I pulled it all back out. No wonder I have so much gray hair.
Cute little blighters you’ve got their The Weird One.


(I can’t believe I did that.)