Klansman injured in initiation ceremony

From CNN:


Sounds like a possible candidate for a Darwin Award!

Or, technically, would that require that it be a bullet he fired from his own gun?

considering he let them tie him up blindfold him put a noose around his neck while they fired paintballs at him he wouldn’t count as an innocent bystander. So I think he would have a valid run at an award.

That’s just God thinning the herd.

AFAICan tell, the inductee’s not the person who was injured.

You’re right I just saw ‘participant’ and thought they meant the inductee. My bad.

On the one hand, I think schadenfreude is an afflictive state.

On the other hand, I think it’s a damn shame the bullet couldn’t fragment into several equally-injurious pieces for each adult head in the rally.

Black bullets taking revenge on a white asshole … it’s Helter Skelter! Aaaaah!

To quote a long-dead and not-all-that-good- Britcom -

Oh dear

How sad

Never mind


Shouldn’t laugh.

I’m amazed these kind of things don’t happen more. All those guys around the world pumping bullets into the air with AK’s.

They don’t go into orbit you know :smack:

Yojimbo, a science teacher I had some years ago made a similar remark. Does anyone know how often this happens? Maybe guess in parades and such, people are smart enough to use blanks…

This is a major problem in the Philippines every new year’s eve, where thousands of guns are fired into the air - dozens of people get hit by returning bullets every year.

Mind you, that problem pales into insignificance next to the home-made firecrackers made of bamboo filled with explosives and cowshit (as a catalyst). Imagine - shards of shit-encrusted bamboo piercing one’s skin).

::Crosses the Philippines off his “Places to Visit” list::

Is it a bad thing that this event induces in me a kind of satisfied feeling?

Friends of mine went to celebrate New Year in Manila, and the hotelier warned them not to leave the hotel, and to stay away from the windows. For their entire 3-day break…

It’s great at other times, however!

I wish the KKK would let outsiders come up with their initiation ceremonies. I’d do a much better job of inventing humiliating and painful rituals than they ever could.

Sort of a case of the shit hitting the fanny (Celyn choosing that to be in the U.S. sense for once) :slight_smile:

Suddenly, Halloween in Dublin doesn’t seem so bad after all.

White Hood - $14.99
Ammunition - $10.99

Karmic retribution - Priceless