know you are proud of your name but maybe you shouldn't use it as a business name

Was driving behind a car to work and the car had a Michigan plate.

Many cars have some advertisement from where they bought their car. This one said:

Krappohl’s xxxxx

The first thing that popped in my mind was - was this a joke? Crap-pola’s? Crap-hole? :smiley:

Maybe it is a sort of pride in that area. I bought a Crappola from Crap Holes!

We have Harry Bush trucking as a local business.

Relevant-ish. “I know I will, but how’s the food!?”

Around here we have Krapf Bus Tours.

Down where my grandparents used to live in Florida, Moss-Feaster was a funeral home.

Want a lawyer? Better get a real

Down where I used to live there was a whole series of auto dealerships named Butts. Their license plate frame would have the town name on the top and Butts on the bottom (for example, “Monterey Butts.” Always used to make us snicker when I was a kid.

Barren Investments. (They operate out of Hope.)

Heh, a friend and I used to play the “anal car” game. Which is really suitable for all ages as long as the ages involved are, say, 11. You take the name of the car you’re behind and put “anal” in front of it instead of the manufacturer’s name. I drive an Anal Grand Prix. My mom drives an Anal Explorer, though.

There’s the unfortunately-associated Adolf Funeral Home and Cremation Services :eek: in the Chicago suburbs.

I do hiring. You would not believe how many resumes are emailed from (examples) "hotbabe@" or "partydude@ and the like.

Name tags I have seen at work “Juan Oh” (the perfect 10?), Suk, Fuk and Dung. Yes nicknames might be better but sometimes only legal names are permitted.

North of Tokyo, where is a real estate office with the name Ass one Housing.

Yeah, Brian James Champion really should have thought a bit before using his initials for his building firm. I don’t quite know how he gets his staff to drive the vans.


It can work for you if you happen to be a comedian. Take for example Kate Micucci of Garfunkel & Oates. Her solo show is called “Playin’ with Micucci”.

I may be in love with her for that alone.

Not unlike a similar game at, say, age 4, putting “chocolate” in front of words.

Hilarious, at least up to 5.

Tom Raper is the largest RV dealer in the Midwest and loves to let everyone know it with giant billboards everywhere. It seems like I couldn’t get away from the man when I traveled in Indiana/Ohio for work.

In one of National Lampoon’s True Facts books, they had a picture of a German store front, with a caption that went something like, “Yes, it’s a great location, a beautiful store, good merchandise – in fact, there’s only one thing we’d change, Mr. Dumfart…”

I’d say their plan has worked excellently.

You remember them and you are talking about them.

If ever you are in the market for xxxxx, your first thought will be of Krappohl.

Mission accomplished.

This could work.

After all, once when I needed a dentist in a new town I picked one only because of his name…

Dr. Paine.