Know your Spanish pop music?

I have this MP3 on my computer billed as a mix by “DJ Mingo”.

Toward the end, there is about a 30 second clip of a song I enjoy with a man and woman singing a duet. The lyrics go like this. I think they are fairly accurate, but where I don’t understand I put a [?]. Google search isn’t turning up much.

Te quiero igual no mas [?]

Yo también te quiero mas que [?]

Y yo quisiera pensarme de ti
Y llegar al cielo con eso poción

Yo pensé que habeas olvidada la [?]

Yo también pensá pero ya me ves ya me ves…
I would love to find out who this is… usually I’m not that fond of sappy Spanish pop songs, but I think this one is groovy.

Oops, that second to last line (Yo pensé que) should be “M” instead of “W”