This might be a stumper. When I was growing up in the '70s, I remember television commercials for a product called ‘‘Koogle.’’ Koogle was flavored peanut butter. I think it came in chocolate and banana. The label featured a bug-eyed character. I even remember the product’s slogan: ‘‘Koogle, with the koo-koo-koogley eyes.’’
Oddly, nobody who grew up with me remembers this product, or the distinctive television commercials, or the catchy slogan.
My question is: Did Koogle actually exist, or did I dream it?
If it did exist, when was it produced? Where was it sold? What happened to it? Can I still buy it somewhere?

Koogle did exist. I remember the silly commercial jingle, and I remember my Mom buying it -ONCE- for my little brother, who got hooked on the commercial and insisted she buy it.

Chocolate flavored peanut butter may SOUND yummy, but as I recall (vaguely- it was 20 years ago or more), NONE of us liked it. After one sandwich, apiece, we left that jar alone in the cabinet for months, before finally chucking it entirely.

Koogle DID exist. There were four flavors: chocolate, banana, one that I forgot, and one that had cinnamon and maybe something together with it, like apple-cinnamon, maybe. I loved the stuff.

It is not made any more, but you’ll be happy to know that only 2-3 days ago I saw a commercial for < drum roll, please > … chocolate flavored Jif!

Click here for some of what other people remember about Koogle: http://www.rt66.com/dthomas/70s/lost+found/koogle.txt

And here you can find a picture of their mascot: http://www.ticktock.simplenet.com/disp.html

      • Koogle Reborn? - At the store where I work we just got in some chocolate peanut butter a few days ago. I haven’t tried it yet. - MC

Not to be confused with kugel in its many incarnations.

The “goo- goo- googley eyes” part came from a song about Barney Google, a character in the old Snuffy Smith comic strip:

Barney Google, with the goo-goo-googley eyes!
Barney Google had a wife three times his size.
She sued Barney for divorce
Now he’s living with his horse
Barney Google, with the goo-goo-googley eyes!

Many well-known jingles had a previous life. This from a person who still thinks of Malt-O-Meal every time he hears the Colonel Bogey March.

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My sister and I had a conversation about Koogle no more than a week ago. Must be something that’s in the collective consciousness of all of us over 30.

Koogle was made by Kraft, and was introduced in 1974. It came in chocolate, vanilla, banana, and cinnamon. It went away in early 1976, no doubt due to Gerald Ford’s mishandling of the economy. I’m still bummed about that.

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Thanks a lot, Temujin. Thanks to your question I just had a taste bud hallucination. Or flashback. :slight_smile:
Banana peanut butter. UGH. We loved peanut butter and banana sandwiches when I was a kid, so When this stuff appeared (I was grown) I tried it. big mistake.
Excuse me, I got to go purge.

In a similar vein does anybody remember something called Spoon Candy?

Yup. Flavored Jiff now. Gawd awful, if you ask me.

I just remembered this; Goobers and jelly, I think it’s called. Something like that, anyway. Peanut butter and grape jelly in the same jar. Not so bad. I’m pretty sure it’s still available.

yes, it’s made by Smuckers. two versions: Goober-Grape and Goober-Strawberry. Both have the pb and jelly in the jar together. It makes it much easier to spread!

Yeah, but then you can’t control how much of each you put on your bread! Eeeewwww! Jelly always spreads easy. Then you just put the Peanut Butter on the other slice of bread.


"Yeah, but then you can’t control how much of each you put on your bread! Eeeewwww!.

But it’s great on Hi Ho’s or saltines.