Korgoth of Barbaria

While my excitement for the new season of The Venture Bros. is tempered by what seems to be the inevitable return of Tom Goes to the Mayor, I’m very excited about Korgoth of Barbaria.

Commercials are deceiving, but I’m still optimistic that it will have gratuitous violence and absurdity while the characters maintain absolute seriousness about it the entire time. I’m hoping that Tartovsky cuts loose to hernia-inducingly hilarious effect.

Anyone else looking forward to this? Anyone rolling their eyes in dread?

Well, that was entertaining. Not so much with the toilet humor, but the gratuitous violence was worth a chuckle or two. The writers let loose with the depravity even more than I had anticipated. The blood, the shots to the crotch–they put everything in there that FCC regulations probably allow. The music was pretty good too.

The whole thing was a stitch, but I have two favorite parts:

The bit in the opening where he’s going down on that chick only to have her turn into yet another monster to which he must put the axe.

“Hey, Korgoth, ever done it in someone else’s kitchen?”

It was solid a solid show, but I don’t expect CN to pick it up. They like their absurdist, funny-by-virtue-of-being-completely-not-funny stuff better. Too bad, really. It reminds me of Brock’s rampages in The Venture Brothers.

It’s funny you say that. I was watching with Lunarnoodle and she said “He’s like Brock Samson in a loincloth.”

For my viewing dollar I’ll be skipping Korgoth unless I’m really bored.