Kosmo, you dog! (The Pickup Artist, 8/27)

Very interesting TPA last night. I found it interesting that last week these guys were still pretty much losers who couldn’t meet a woman to save their lives, and this week they were hittin’ it like studs. Except they didn’t know when to initiate the kiss.

Kosmo, with his Mystery ear bud did, though. He went from “Hey girls, want to see me breakdance?” “No, that’s OK” to “I’m trying not to kiss you.” “Why?” slurp slurp in just two weeks. Color me impressed.

It was pretty funny seeing the guys make out with peaches. And the comment that “You look like you’re kissing your grandma” was telling. Kissing my great grandmother was a little like kissing a peach, except a peach was not as fuzzy.

No disrespect to Just Grandma. She was a great lady.

But dayum, Kosmo! Way to work it!

At the end, when they eliminated Scott, and kept Pradeep, I could hear someone from the other room shout, “Say whaaaaaaat?” (Think Gandhi from Clone High)

I didn’t like either of the two, but after Mystery was going on about how one of them works harder and applies himself more, I was pretty surprised that they kept Pradeep. Seriously, he doesn’t even try to do the things that he is taught, and he thinks that the only reason he isn’t fending off girls with a pointy stick is because he chooses to not apply himself. Well, we saw him apply himself yesterday, and he sucked. He has no game, I hope he gets denied the next mystical medallion of whatever.

Scott always had this creepy look on his face, but at least he got up early every damn morning to read the material.

Yeah, that was an odd choice. I think Pradeep’s being kept on to generate viewership (is that a word?). I can’t help but think that the show’s producers have as much say in who stays and who goes as Mystery does. But I’m glad Fred’s gone. There was just something off about him.

But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – The guys who get Game Over will probably do OK out in the real world. They’ve got the celebrity status thing going on, and they probably get a copy of Mystery’s book. Maybe even ongoing advice from people who work on the show.

I’ll certainly be interested in the reunion special…

Has Mystery ever referenced the “Venusian Method” before last night? I figured it was probably his program, but I don’t recall him ever calling it that before. He also emphasized the second syllable, so it sounded a little weird and I was left wondering what he was talking about for a while.

Venusian Method? I watched the entire episode again last night, and I don’t remember him saying that, though for some reason a lot of the words in that show slip past me and I have to rewind to catch things. Either that show is very muddied or I’m going a wee bit deaf.

When did he say that? Was it when J-Dog was holding his arm and getting all cuddly?

I have to admit to an ulterior motive in watching this show. While I (sort of) enjoy reality shows that make fun of the hopelessly clueless (Nanny 911, anybody?), I’ll admit to being hopelessly clueless myself when it comes to meeting women. Or men, for that matter. The fact that most of the guys on this show crashed and burned on episode one, and almost all of them almost scored (and Kosmo totally scored) in episode four makes me think that there may be something to the “Method.”

I’m going to try it, although I’m reluctant to buy the book and unwilling to pay the $3,000 for the course. But I’ll try out the ideas from the show.

This morning, I totally opened a One Set. Sort of.