Kramer's Bloody Nose

I am a pretty avid Seinfeld fan, but I think I must have missed something along the way.

There was an ending to one episode (I forget which one) where Jerry and Kramer are riding on a public transportation bus and Kramer’s nose starts to bleed. He looks sick and leans towards Jerry and says meekly, “It’s starting to happen again, Jerry.” Jerry then puts his arm around him and the show is over.

Did I miss something in a prior show that explains the bloody nose? Did a joke fly over my head? Were they spoofing something? Did I miss a future episode that explained it?

What’s the deal?

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That was a parody of the end of “Midnight Cowboy”; IIRC, they even played the MC theme music.


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Thufferin is right. most of the episode revolved around George buying a car previously owned by Jon Voit. George assumed it was owned by filmstar (Midnight Cowboy) Voit. The last scene was a parody as stated.

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You missed out a lot. He was getting bloody noses. In fact he was lying down and saw the faulty electrical wiring that put the old people out of business. He was lying down as he had a nose bleed.

they played Desperado at the end.

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