Seinfeld Episode Help!

What’s the name of the episode in which Kramer adopts the highway and then spills paint thinner all over it at the end and Newman drives by and flaming hilarity ensues?

This episode probably has the funniest ending to any TV show…ever!

By the way, anyone know when someone is going to come out with Seinfeld on DVD? I remember seeing something available on a site that I had never heard of before but it looked like just a bootleg. What’s the word on the official release (which will probably be a rape up the ass, financially. For the consumer, that is)

The episode is entitled The Pothole. “Oh, the humanity!”

In the same episode, Jerry drops his girlfriend’s toothbrush in the toilet, George drops his Phil Rizzuto keyring on the street, and Elaine goes to great lengths to get Chinese food delivered to her, even though she lives out of their service area.

this site has quotes of 137 episodes of Seinfeld…i think there were 180 some episodes…correct me if im wrong

It also features one of Seinfeld’s best (if not the best) girlfriends: Kristin Davis. To get back at him she sticks his toilet brush in his toilet after he had thrown away most of the things in his apartment. Great episode.

I havent heard about the DVD release. I was at a Seinfeld stand up comedy show on October 3rd. He took Q&A from audience members after the show.

Someone asked if he was going to start another show. He said that he had some tv stuff in the works but couldnt comment either way.

Hopefully, he will bring something back.

bring something back?..he had a hit show…top 5 if not the number 1 show…why do these actors do this…end a show and then turn up in another a few years later on a show that dont last a few seasons…i dont get it…if it was me…i stay on a show till they removed me from the joint :slight_smile:

Kristin Davis easily makes the Top 3 Seinfeld Girlfriends Evah.

Personally, I’d like to see them publish the rest of the scripts like they did for Seasons 1–3 (?). The show’s still on three times a day here; a DVD release seems almost unnecessary.

I’d also love the scripts in book form, but, failing that: