The Diplomat's Club - lost Seinfeld episode?

I was utterly shocked while watching through my Seinfeld season 5 DVDs to discover there was infact an episode of the show I’ve never seen before - The Diplomat’s Club. This is especially shocking considering I’ve seen every OTHER Seinfeld episode AT LEAST 5 times (I’ve even seen the Purerto Rico Parade episode a couple times). Is this episode not in the syndication package? There didn’t seem to be anything in it that would cause it to be pulled, but I must say…it was a pretty dull one. I liked Kramer & The Rich Texan’s betting on flight arrivals, and its interesting how I never realized how Elaine lost her job for Mr Pitt (the characters go through so many jobs/girlfriends that it didn’t even cross my mind before), but the main plot with Jerry & the pilot didn’t make any sense. I wonder if it’s just because I’m not used to it, like I am with every other episode, or maybe cuz I’m seeing it new over 10 years since it first aired. I did some quick research and didn’t find anything, so I’m wondering if there are any other Seinfeld fans on the board who either haven’t seen this one, or seen it less than the other eps?

I remember seeing it when it first aired and have seen it a few times since. The only shows I never seem to see much of are the ones from the last season, particularly the Puerto Rican Day episode you mentioned. I think I’ve only seen that one once, and that was when it first aired. There was a big controversy over it because of a scene where Kramer burns the Puerto Rican flag.

They actually show it on syndication all the time. I probably haven’t seen as many shows as you have, but I’ve caught this one multiple times.

To be clear, it’s the one where Jerry’s agent won’t let him make a decision for himself. She then tells off the pilot for some reason, who then wants Jerry kicked of the flight. Is that right?

Interestingly, I just talked to one of my friends and he’s never seen or heard of the episode either. He lives in Connecticut (where I lived until 2003), so I’m starting to wonder if maybe the episode was just lost from FOX-61’s syndication package? I know with some shows, every network which has syndication rights makes their own schedule of which episodes to air. I know it’s that way with The Simpsons.

I’ve seen it in syndication many times in Boston.

Funnily enough, this episode aired in syndication in my area on Monday. I know I’ve seen it in reruns at least one other time (in a different town) within the past four years or so.

I’ve seen it quite a few times.

I’ve also seen every episode several times but I did come across a new one to me earlier this year. It’s the one where Jerry makes a date over the phone with a girl named Donna Chang because he thinks she’s Chinese.

Ain’t it great to find an episode like that?

I’d love it if there were a bunch of episodes I hadn’t seen of Seinfeld! :frowning:

Yeah, sorry, I’ve seen it several times too, all in syndication.

well at least next week on Curb Your Enthusiasm, we’ll be getting some kind of new Seinfeld episode!

So all of you where The Diplomat’s Club is just another episode, how do you think it compares to the rest of the bunch?

It’s been a pretty regular (or as regular as any) episode on syndication here in Chicago.

I’ve generally always found the Diplomats Club to be pretty much an average episode. None of the plots in it stood out too much but, like most episodes, it’s got some good lines.

“Pepper Johnson?”

I agree. It’s an average episode, mainly because I never found Jerry’s agent to be particularly funny, just annoying. At least the episode when he gets bumped from Career Day is a little better, mainly because his agent isn’t the main focus.

Maybe they don’t run in in NYC because of the ‘Son of Sam’ mailbag?

And let me tell ya, there were a lot of dogs on that route!

I saw it in syndication on Monday too. Still a good episode.

The one I never see in syndication is the season two episode where George thinks he has a heart attack and goes to a new age healer. I never saw it until I got the DVD and even now, years later, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in syndication.

I’ve pretty much seen all the episodes multiple times in syndication – except for the Puerto Rican Day Parade one. I have seen that exactly once.

Isn’t that from the first season? I rarely see the first season episodes (which is good because they aren’t very funny) but I’ve seen that episode during the last few months. I was surprised to see that the healer was the guy from Heroes (Kristen Bell’s dad) and Glee (the fired music teacher).

Second, but the first season only had four episodes. And yeah, this one is probably my least favorite episode.

I’ve seen that one in syndication several times. I like the part in the hospital where Jerry pretends to smother George with the pillow and Elaine walks in.

Elaine: “Jerry!”
Jerry: (putting away the pillow, guiltily) “Elaine–what are you doing here?”

And later, in response to the holistic healer’s list of ingredients in the tea he makes for George, Jerry says, “Couchgrass and crampbark? I think that’s what killed Curly.”