Krispy Kreme appreciation thread. (Rap, not donuts)

So thanks to the magic of basic cable, specifically Comedy Central, even more specifically Tosh.0, and yet even more specifically the Oct. 2 episode of Tosh.0 on Comedy Central (link goes to video), I’ve been introduced to the horrible, embarrassing laid-back flows of “southern” “rapper” Krispy Kreme.

I watched Tosh’s interview with horror, thinking “Please, Daniel, stop making fun of this poor ol’ retarded boy.” Seriously, Krispy looked brain damaged. I couldn’t even laugh, though, boy, did I want to.

So after the show, I turned to the magic of the Internet, specifically YouTube, even more specifically the Krispy Kreme channel. He’s gotten semi-famous (more than 180,000 fans on Facebook!!) by being an absolutely pitiful rapper.

But after watching a couple of his videos, I’m not so sure ol’ Krispy is a poor ol’ retarded boy after all. I think he’s actually a skilled rapper, videographer, writer, and comedian. I’m pretty sure he’s pulling our leg with this whole schtick. His songs are awesomely bad. I can’t stop watching these things. I think man’s a genius.

Anyone else appreciate the hilarity of this cat? If you haven’t seen him yet, here are a few samples to whet your whistle.

The Baddest.
Haters Wanna Be Me. (Personal fave)
Coolest Guys.

  1. Life imitating art. Remember when Sweet D dated a rapper and wasn’t sure he was um, mentally handicapped?

  2. “Strictly hand held is the style I go. Never rock the mic with the panty hose.”
    MCA, we need you now more than ever.

  3. Actually, I liked it, but I’m also a fan of Wesley Willis, and Andy Kaufman.

I love those so much I’d buy a shirt if they weren’t $30.

Actually the third video of his that I watched, Wasteland, made me realize this guy was no yokel.

It’s as if Forrest Gump decided to be a rapper.

Actually, I don’t think he’s retarded, but I do wonder if he maybe sits on the autistic spectrum–he comes across as quite sweet, really.

There’s something that creeps me out about Money Maker Mike, though.