Tosh .0 isn't funny

Maybe this post should go in the BBQ Pit.
I used to think that Ann Coulter was the lowest form of life on Earth until I saw this guy. At least Ann believes in what she’s saying. This piece of scum is determined to denigrate everyone and everything just for the sake of a laugh. I’ll never figure out in a million years how this junk stays on the air.

His “junk” stays on the air because there are millions of people like me in a key demographic that think his show is absolutely hilarious.

Is this because I mentioned him in the Bill Cosby thread?

He’s a little funny but his show is the least funny of that entire genre of clip snark shows.

I wouldn’t say absolutely hilarious, but I can definitely say he gets a chuckle out of me sometimes. Certainly, nothing is off limits for the laugh, and I’m cool with that.

But sometimes, his attempts are just not funny at all, and comics who try hard to be funny but aren’t make me feel all weird and embarrassed for them, so I get that vibe going with him sometimes.

Plus, the videos he shows are always a bit dated. With The Soup, it’s funny because I don’t watch most of those shows, so when he lampoons them, they are kind of fresh for me, and the bits are funnier. With Tosh.O, I’ve usually clicked his videos on Fark four months ago, so the comedy can kind of suffer for that.

But overall, I will watch him if there is nothing else on, and he does pull some giggles out of me.

I don’t mind watching viral clips, but from the little I’ve seen, the show could only be improved by firing the host.

He tells what I imagine are supposed to be jokes, because he pauses after each one with a smug look on his face and I hear the sound of audience (or canned) laughter. Likewise when I watched part of a standup show of his, and thought: is this really what qualifies as humor now?

With a rare few exceptions, if a howlingly funny stand-up comedian gets his own regular show that’s not stand-up, it will be complete shit.

I can listen to True Stories I Made Up three times in a row and be genuinely laughing all the way through. Daniel Tosh has a funny act. But as soon as I heard he had a non-stand-up show, I had to write him off.

I agree but that’s only because I can’t stand people who’s sole purpose in life is laughing at other people.

Takes a big man…
(That being said…I have never seen him do stand up, and he might be hilarious in that since stand up and tv are two totally different animals)

Just chiming in on the “Tosh.0 (and his stand up) is awesome” side of the discussion.

I’m not big into watching viral videos, so a good bunch of the clips are new to me. Perhaps that helps? I find myself laughing more at the commentary than the clips themselves anyway.

I’ve never seen Tosh.0, but a friend of mine had me watch a stand-up special of his. I hit the emergency eject button after he’d played the same bit on the guitar about eighty-billion times. I found a few things he did sort of chuckle-worthy, but the rest of it ranged from “meh” to actively annoying. Overall, it seemed like he was trying way too hard to look like he wasn’t trying.

As for viral clips, I have to pimp out Viral Video Film School, which is consistently 2-3 minutes of “oh my god I can’t breathe!” funny.

At BEST, somewhat very mildly amusing. In the same way that dissolving a drop of tabasco sauce in an Olympic size swimming pool would make the water very mildly spicy. For the most part, as pleasing to the ears as a yodeling duet featuring Sarah Palin and Fran Drescher.

I don’t watch his show. Occasionally I’ll catch the beginning or end and from what I’ve seen he is funny. He just isn’t that funny to me but I don’t think any lack of humor is worthy of the contempt shown in this thread.

I’ll admit I’ve only seen about five minutes of this show at a stretch (usually while waiting for the Daily Show to start) but I find the host to be one of the most instantly repellent figures currently on TV. Meanwhile, the little content I’ve seen seems to be “Ow My Balls” (from Idiocracy) come to life. Makes me want to perform a self-lobotomy with a rusty X-acto knife.

I guess I’m saying I don’t much care for it.

I discovered Tosh.0 a few months ago. I thought it was hysterical and I was instantly hooked. I don’t watch a lot of viral videos so for the most part those are new to me. I find them amusing but I really watch for Tosh’s smarmy commentary. Then again I also like Colin Quinn and Will Ferrell so what do I know.

Put me in the “Tosh isn’t funny” column.

I find his to be a smug twerp that thinks he’s a lot funnier than he is. His “I’m so much cooler than everyone” attitude is the same that you expect to see from a 14 year old, and deserves about as much attention.

 Tried watching him a few times, always changed the channel or turned the TV off. So now I simply don't watch.

Agree, Sweetums. I figure his audience is teens and 20-somethings - never met anybody “mature” who found him funny.

And you came here to denigrate him for the sake of… what exactly? Something more valuable than a laugh I hope - otherwise you might think you are scum.

I’m 30, white, and male (i admit to occasionally displaying some immaturity)… I find his commentary and stand up routine pretty funny.

On his video show:
Chunky girl falls off swing-set…“Sorry Haiti”

Funny to me.

Over 40 here, thinks he’s funny.

You think Ann believes in what she’s saying? Well that’s waaayyyy funnier than Tosh for sure.