Krispy Kreme comes to Melbourne. City goes crazy

Krispy Kreme has come to Melbourne. People have been queueing for over 3 hours to get a doughnut. I have never heard of this place before yesterday.
My co-workers had a two discussion about the doughtnuts this morning.

Yes they are marketing geniuses. They opened one shop in Sydney (way out west in Penrith actually) and left it on its lonesome for quite a while. During this time they had regular giveaways and encouraged their quite generous fund raisers, all of which served to make the sticky little devils as popular as crack. I live near Penrith and used to regularly be asked by people at work to buy them doughnuts on my way to work.

When they opened at the airport people were buying boxes to take overseas with them - sometimes to the US.

They must be marketing geniuses. People were telling me the queues were 3 hours long. To get a doughnut. What is the big deal? I can get doughnuts at the supermarket.
I need to lose about 20kgs. So I will not be eating any.

The funny thing is that people here are always going on about Australia being the 2nd fattest people in the world.

At Penrith the queues went on for months. No-one seemed to mind. Even the line for the drivethrough was so long that it went around the building, around the parking lot and out into the road. The staff used to walk along the queue giving out free doughnuts to those waiting.

The doughnuts themselves are remarkably like every other freshly made, iced doughnut you have ever had - nothing special at all. I think, at a guess, about 75% of people at work who tried them weren’t impressed enough to ever want them again, not even now that there is a KK a few minutes from work.

… and soon, to be the fattest. Go Aussies!

Aw, man. don’t ask cut me off. How can you do that to another “ask” Doper, man?

Yeah, people at work used to bring those things down from Sydney after business trips, in the manner of one bringing ambrosia down from the Gods

Personally, I think those things are the most vile sickly confectionary since baklava, and you’d have to pay ME to consume one. But each to their own, I guess

Our local KK opened up three or four years ago, and the local reaction was the usual – several hour waits, lines stretching insane distances, horrific traffic congestion anywhere near the building.

They closed up shop last year. Guess it’s kind of hard thing to maintain (especially when there are five Dunkin Donuts within a mile of where KK stood).

I’ve occasionally bought krispy kreme glazed when there was a display of them in my local supermarket or wal-mart. Can’t see that I’d go far out of my way for them… (of course, I don’t have a car, so heading off to a drive-through is much harder for me.) :smiley:

A tim horton’s maple dip donut on the other hand… MMMMMMMMM!!! Those things are my weakness.

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

You have to eat them hot, fresh out of the fryer or oven or whatever it is. That’s the secret.

Krispy Kreme opened in Oxford a couple of months ago. Their pre-opening gimmick: stand in the street giving away boxes with a selection of half a dozen donuts. People were everywhere clutching the boxes one Saturday, ensuring jealousy and/or curiosity on the part of those who didn’t get a box, and addiction on the part of those who did. Genius. They have obviously been studying the crack dealers outside the school gates…

Personally I like to know it’s there, but can’t indulge due to having to lose weight. :frowning:

Much ado about nothing. They’re not all that great but yes, they are marketing geniuses over there.

I dunno… frankly the idea of a hot donut doesn’t sound that appealing to me.

I guess I’ll never know unless someone giving me a lift happens to stop by a KK location. :smiley:

The started in the Southern U.S. and didn’t start the major expansion out until a few years ago. Sadly for them, their major push along with them going public and issuing stock happened right when the low carb craze hit so they took it in the shorts for a bit.

The first one near me was opened in Oxnard, California in 2001 and people went bonkers. I was finally in the area and tried one that was freshly cooked. What a gut bomb. People go in there and eat two or three of those nasty things with a soda and then wonder why they’re fifty pounds overweight.

I like glazed doughnuts, and I still think KK are nasty. There’s nothing to them, it’s like sugar coated air.

KK’s other doughnuts are tasty, though, if you are dragged there by others. I particularly like the blueberry cake ones.

Yeah, I’ve never entirely undestood the mania for KK.

I know this is extremely regional, but In-N-Out has a bit of a fanatical following in the burger crowd. Tom Cruise likes them to cater movie sets, and I’ve known a few people who make a concerted point in eating there within a day after coming back in state.

I read up on them recently on the interweb, and apparently they haven’t expanded past California, Nevada, Oregon (I think) and Arizona, because they insist that the trucks can get to the stores in one day from their dedicated meat packing plant. They’re also family owned and not about to go public to raise expansion capital. But it sounds to me like they need to build another plant.

Goes to show that Australians are just as prone to idiocy as anyone else.

Three fucking hours? For a Krispy Kreme donut?

That explains it. Seems like every Southern thing is too sweet. They even put sugar in their iced tea. (Or do they put tea in their sugar?) :[sub]P[/sub]ukey:

O, my Antipodean Brothers! Run away quickly!

Of course, Fatburger is better. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: