Kristi Noem hates America

As a native of South Dakota, she disturbs the shit out of me, especially the privately funded National Guard expedition to Texas but she gets a lot of support from Facebook friends back home. I am tempted to ask if it would be ok if George Soros did something similar but arguing with them is pointless. It is more a matter of identity than logic.

That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the picture. Hopefully she will have as much luck as Michele in her future political aspirations.

(Excerpt from Noem’s speech)

How exactly did Biden go back to 1962, infiltrate the Supreme Court and force them to make forced prayer in schools unconstitutional?

Does this woman have a brain tumor? Because it sounds like she does.

Kristi Lynn Noem, Born: November 30, 1971
So, it took South Dakota more than a decade to stop doing unConstitutional things?

You gotta love the America you have, not the America you wish you had.

A fight to settle who’s the biggest ass?

She might think she’s going to be violating constitutional rights, er, putting prayer back in the public schools, but that’s not going to happen. Nor is any of her other illegal nonsense.

Think more “sweet buns”, and a petty squabble over them at a tea party.

The triviality of it is a key feature.

To be equally fair, there is precious little difference between “I hate America” and “I am a proud Republican.”

I’m very much looking forward to the campaign ads that Democrats will run that are essentially just Kristi Noem saying over and over and over again “I hate this America!”

Pfff, they’ve been saying this since forever.

Don’t look at what the republicans are saying…look at what they’re doing right now. Look at the laws they are passing.

Personally, I picture a “bun fight” as being between cute little rabbits.

The quiet part that hasn’t been yet said out loud (or loudly enough or often enough) is this: their America…has no place for the rest of us. And they have no problem getting us out of their way, one way or another.

I’m wondering who is going to bring a butter knife to a bun fight?

You bring a bun. They bring a butter knife. You bring a croquembouche! Crack 'em in the mouth.

Read the ending battle in Watership Down. Ain’t no cute little bunny fight. Rabbits die.

Which is why Thlayli referred to his “Chief Rabbit”, not to his “Chief Bunny”.

They’re only “buns” when they’re being cute about it.

To me, “bun fight” sounds like something you might get involved with at Lambert’s Cafe.

Like Bun-Bun?

They sure do.

I mean, she literally says: “I hate this America.” Then says that by “this America” she means “Joe Biden’s America,” which is bad because it is built on “hate and division.”

So her solution to an American built on hate and division is…wait for it…hate.