Kristi Noem hates America

Not much more to say, except that she did what so many conservatives do: she said the quiet part out loud.

From your article:

I can’t even.

So she hates the Constitution too.

Except for the bits that were carefully ignored.

Her speech is actually a pretty good summary of the simplistic, narrow-minded ideals that so many Americans hold. And they’re really hard to argue against – not because they’re correct, but because they’re simple, and the arguments against them are complex.

But it’s beyond repulsive that someone representing the party of Fox News accuses Biden of promoting “hate and division.”

It’s the same way in which Obama created racial divisions in America by persisting in being black and President at the same time, which caused half of America to go into race-based paroxysms, and to top it all off Obama kept suggesting that the problem was with them! The nerve of that guy!

If only the Democrats would stop pointing out all the things the Republican Party are doing that are immoral, illegal or outright treasonous, we’d all be getting along just fine.

…and lawyers in the courtrooms, at taxpayer expense.

To be fair, there’s a huge difference between “I hate America” (thread title) and “I hate this version of America.”

But Noem and many conservatives are doing performative patriotism and religion as usual. They don’t, and never, grasp that there’s a vast gap between imposing outside external performance acts on someone (prayer, pledge of allegiance, etc) and that person actually being devout or patriotic within.

I admit my biblical knowledge is a bit rusty, but I’m pretty sure there’s a bit in there where Jesus stresses how important it is to be seen preaching on the street corners so everyone sees you. I believe the Prosperity Bible translates that passage as something like “The squeaky wheel gets the grift.”

Oh, no, they’re proud of those two, although pre-Trump they tended not to say so quite so often.

When you’re a conservative/Republican, “hate and division” means “you disagree with me and won’t let me do everything I want to do” and “you call me out on my hate, which makes you hateful.”

It’s not even that. It’s more that people like Noem believe that, metaphorically, forcibly grabbing a dog’s tail and wagging it with your hand is the same as that dog voluntarily wagging it out of happiness. That’s the basis in most cases that people are forced to perform religious/patriotic performance against their will, such as forced prayer or allegiance-pledging.

In a hateful and divisive speech, no less.

Yes, but “This version” of America is the one we have, and it’s the one we’ve had for most of my life at this point. So, yeah, she hates America as it actually is, like it or not.

I didn’t think it was possible for there to be a South Dakota governor worse than Bill Janklow, but Noem is trying hard.

It’s kinda buried in the OP’s article but she’s trying to gather Trump supporters for a run at the White House.

And yet we hear from conservatives all the time that criticism of America isn’t patriotic.

I thought the article in the OP just had a bad picture but nope, she really does have the “Michele Bachmann crazy eyes” thing going.

But if she wants to start a bun fight with DeSantis, then please proceed, Governor.

To be fair, she didn’t say what she’d be an example of.

Is a bun fight a fight with bread rolls?

Without having the common decency to apologize for either one!

Plus he kept insisting on being smart, articulate, classy, well-dressed, and good-looking, not to mention thin and athletic. A great father, in love with his wife, no scandal in his past-- except for that fake birth certificate. You know he only did this stuff to stick it to the fat, dumb white people. Pure evil.

Bad examples are still examples.

I had a friend who’s favorite expression was: No one is completely useless; you can always serve as a bad example.

I always added my corollary: Or a source of amusement.