KY adverts?!

(Note: vaguely UK-specific…)

When did these start? I just saw one today, for a product that apparently warms when used.

I’m not shocked (heh heh, it takes more than that) - but I never noticed these adverts before, so I’m wondering if I missed the sensationalist tabloid frenzy, or if that’ll happen in the next couple of days. And I’m also wondering if it was a result of the ASA redefining what is acceptable (as with the sanitary-product adverts now being considered ‘normal’).

Not necessarily UK-specific. Been showing that one here in the States for some time now. Along with “feminine hygeine products”, erectile dysfunctions medications, condom ads, “that not-so-fresh feeling” and the ubiquitous Enzyte Bob.

I hate 'em all equally.

They’ve been in the UK for about a month now. At least I didn’t see them before then.