KY Intense

For her.
So, what happened to for him? I see a lot of commercials for the woman’s product, but no longer the ones for the men’s vesion.
Shrinkage, maybe? :smiley:
No, really. What happened to it?

Mercy me. I thought this was about Kentucky.

I don’t believe there ever WAS a product “for him.” Intense has always been a “for her” thing, as far as I’ve noticed. I’d assume it’s the same stuff as most “female pleasure gels” from various brands – basically thick, mentholated lube.

The product “for him” KY was advertising heavily a while ago was their “his and hers” two-part lube.

I don’t know about a “for him” but we got a sample of the “for her”–the wife lasted about 15 seconds before she was rushing to the bathroom to wash it off.

I don’t think anyone would ever accuse Kentucky of being intense. :smiley:

Mentholated?? WHY?
Ow ow ow just thinking about it.

You might want to ask typoink for a cite for that. :wink:

That’s probably the ad I recall.

Mentholated products affect people differently.
A lot of people find it er, stimulating. Same with ginger.

Never substitute Vicks’ if you can’t find the Vaseline. That’s not the type of mistake you make twice.

Just sayin’.

Bengay and Icyhot are also not a good act for that venue.

I tried the warming stuff once, and it burned. But I’m still game to try some of the other stuff. The fiance and I are going to wait to delve into that (we’re interested in the Yours + Mine product) until after we’re married. We’re still friends with the Trojan Man and will be until we start trying to have kids… so “feel good lubes” won’t really do much for him.

I don’t use the KY, but I do use a different brand that does the same thing. It’s similar to the whole Altoids effect - it adds a cooling (or warming) sensation that can be pretty nice. Obviously, YMMV.

It doesn’t effect an orgasm all by its onesies, though - you’re still responsible for that.

It’s not mentholated. It’s warming. I don’t know exactly how the effect is produced - capsaicin extract or somesuch, I guess. I can’t feel it but Girly Not All That Bright certainly can. Care must be taken upon application, though - too much and it burns, too little and it doesn’t do anything.

Also, do not let it get inside, or fun’s over, unless your girl likes gingering and the like I guess.